Jul 10, 2009

So I have insurance!!! however, Its PA Access Plus.....Cannot get in to my PCP until Jan. 27, 2010!!!!!!!!!!!. Now I have a physical with the P.A. for my PCP sooo hopefully I can try to get this show on the road. I spoke to my Insurance company, and all the said as far as guidelines where, 50% over what my BMI should be, need all pre-testing, mental health eval. which is not covered :(... however, I can't even start these things until I get my doctor to send in a prior authorization to my insurance company to deem it medical necessary or not... lol I know it is gonna be a hard road.. GOD will get me through it! and I WILL KEEP FIGHTING NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOO If anyone who stumbles across my page and has PA access plus, please, please give me advise!!!


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