Jul 12, 2009

So I mentioned WLS at work today, and ppl just said I wasn't big enough for it.. ARE U KIDDING ME! I weight 261lbs and I'm only 5'2.. Dear lord how big do they want me to be!!! So i dunno what is gonna be said about me once i actually get it done. Maybe i shouldn't have said nothing i dunno.. i don't know how ya go about telling ppl... one day a time i guess.

So u know wut is really annoying about being fat.. lol Big, overweight.. etc
People think you are invisible, ppl look at ya like ur FAT at the groceries store.. I COULD BE buying for 3 other PEOPLE ya know!!!
When ppl tell u are are soo pretty.... BUT.... OH I HATE THAT..
PPL don't respect you! i am a supervisor at work, and I know ppl talk about me " shes lazy!".. NO I'm your boss and when i tell you to do something.. DO IT! ... I'M NOT LAZY... I'm just not lucky!

U better believe imma work this TOOL when i get it... IMMA be happy healthy and HOT LOL... then ill be talked about too.. OH WELLLLLL... I know ppl love me for me but, ya know.. some people JUST piss me off! lol

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