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Jul 30, 2009

welp! haven't been able to see my PCP.. go figure!! but, I do have wonderful news, that I know all you moms out there can relate too!!!!!.................. My youngest, Mason he's 2..... just pee'd and Pooped in the potty!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!.... This is wonderfulllllllllll..... LoL anyways just wanted to share to everyone and anyone my good news lol....

On another note,... I did see my PCP.. P.A. for a physical and I mentioned WLS to her. She was very kind. Annoying but, kind. Told me all the stuff I have been hearing for everyone.. " ur so young, fairly low BMI.. blah blah... " are u sure u don't wanna try diet and exercise".... No thats wut got me here to begin with, like a vicous cycle... diet, lose, off diet gain all back +10lbs... Not cool.. She told me she would talk to My doctor about it... So when i get in to see him I'm gonna be armed with info...

well, thats it for now... for all you ppl goin in to surgery soon ur in my prayers!!!! God Bless


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