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Oct 19, 2013

Hello! I was  banded in August of '09.  I lost 45 pounds and was taken off two of my meds. I started having all of the band problems that most banders get.  reflux, coughing and vomiting.  I never reached that sweet spot and had many fill and unfills. Long story short, I was looking into the sleeve and was told by the Dr. that since I have diabetes, the bypass would be better suited for me. If I were sleeved and it didn't work out, then I could still have RNY later.  I said having RNY now makes more since to me although I've always been afraid to have it.  All of my labs and vitals are rising again especially my B/P and my meds had to be increased. I have regained 20 pounds and It need to be controlled now. I will start this process in 3 days by seeing my nutritionist and I"m looking forward to it. Anyone else out there getting stated or have already revised?  If so, How's it going?


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