Shopping :)

Apr 17, 2011

I never knew I would enjoy shopping so much again now that I am much smaller!  Before my wls I dreaded shopping.. It felt more like a chore then pleasure...
Lets think about it for a minute.  Shopping being morbid obese isn't at all fun!  I mean you are limited to one maybe two stores tops... Trying to find the biggest size they offer and still trying to squeeze into it is so depressing.  And how bout those horrid prints they offer in the plus sizes?? I mean come on just because people are larger doesn't mean they don't have style and wanna look good...  

I love the feeling I get being able to shop in any old store I want.  Its amazing!!! I still am wearing size 12 jeans and a large/XL shirt and can fit into juniors size XL or 13jeans... I just love shopping now and can literally spend hours in one store trying everything on in sight!

Keep up the great work everybody and happy shopping skinny minis!!!

oh yeah and please always remember...  you are worth it!


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