Over 14 mos out!

Jan 06, 2009

Jimminey Christmas, where does time go?  Speaking of which, we just celebrated the holidays, entered in 2009, and will shortly be swearing in our newest president of the US

Now....what has happened?  Well I've been maintaining at around my goal weight since October.  I saw Dr. Pupkova for my year follow up appointment...and she had nothing but positive things to say to me and about the "success" I have had thus far.  IT was a fairly emotional meeting.  There are before and after pics taken at Barix in my photo section.  Simply amazing.  Dr. Pupkova also "cleared" me to get pregnant - so how awesome is THAT one?  Brian and I are loosely trying right now and if nothing happens, I plan on seriously starting to try in the summer time.  Brian is of course nervous about it...but we'll figure it all out :)

I bounce between 125-130 generally speaking.  Although I must admit I am a bit ridiculous when it comes to the numbers.  I don't "mind" being at 127 or 128...but 129 and 130 really bother me and I use them as my "warning" numbers to really watch what I put in my mouth.  On those bloated type days I definately go up around 132 and freak out. I need to learn to NOT to freak out over that.

The holidays definately offered their fair share of difficulties and challenges regarding eating.  Yes, I did have a cookie or two and yes on occassion I had more than one and got sick off of it, or at least, nauscious, I should say.  But I didn't gain anything and I'm happy with that.

Finally got back to a support group meeting seeing as though it has been since about September since I had been to one.

Oh...and of course, WE MOVED and I changed jobs.  BIG BIG BIG time stress there but I made it through.  We are now living in Easton, Pa and I work at Lehigh Valley Cedar Crest in Allentown.  It is a HUGE hospital and takes a lot of getting used to -but I am starting to feel comfortable a little more each and every day.  Soooo many people here say I have an accent?  I don't hear it!  Hubby thinks it's hysterical how worked up I get about it!!  It's a big joke around here with me....

So I guess for now that's about it. 

Talk to you soon! (maybe....)



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