On his own schedule ....

May 09, 2008

We came home Saturday 5/3.  One day late, Gabriel was jaundiced, but doing well now.  Thanks to all for the posts and visitors.  As Wendy and Sheila jointly (thanks) posted, he decided to make his appearance on his own terms.  From first contraction & water breaking to delivery was just over 5 hours.  I couldn't believe it went that fast, especially since this was a first time for me.  Of course my ob was out of town (missed it by two hours) and I got a different doc, but he was really nice and HE almost missed the delivery!!!  Rick was wonderful during the whole thing, expect for the times he had me laughing at the peak of a contraction!!  Such a comic!  It was extremely painful, epidural never really kicked in.  But it's true, it's already starting to fade from the memory. 
  I went from 1cm and contracting quickly on arrival, got the epidural 1.5 hrs later and was immediately 5cm.  About 30 mins later was at 7cm and about 20mins after that was 9cm and ready to push.  Pushed for about 30mins or so and there he was.  The nurse said the cord was wrapped twice around his neck, but that the cord was really long.  He cried immediately and all was well.  He IS PURTY!  lol  My friend Terri came to see us and as soon as she saw him she yelled, You had a white baby!  lol  He is rather fair right now, but I'm sure he'll darken up some.  Dru likes his baby brother and has had the neighbor kids over to take a peek at him.  One of the kids told Dru that the baby doesn't look like him.  And Dru said, that's cuz he's mixed, stupid!  lol  (not the stupid part, but it is rather funny). 
  We had a really good first night at home and my parents were here, along with Rick, to help me out.  The last few nights have been a bit trying, but we are managing.  My parents left today, a little sad, but we need to get into our family routine. I feel really blessed and I appreciate all the well wishes from everyone.  Will try to post a pic to my profile, but I might have to have Rick help me out.  Thanks again and hope to see everyone soon!  ~~Elena

I HAVE A DATE ......

Apr 22, 2008

If the little guy doesn't decide to put in an appearance on his own, he will be here on May 1.  I received a call from my OB's office today and they have scheduled my induction.  I have to be at Baptist next Wed, 4/30 at MIDNIGHT!  Crazy, huh?!?!  Anyway, the nurse said they would probably hook me up to monitors, get me an iv and then probably let me sleep for a few hours and then start the induction early in the am.  That's plan, unless he decides to come out and play on his own.

Pregnancy progress

Apr 14, 2008

I went for an ultrasound a week and a half ago and the baby was estimated to be 4lb 6oz, in the 24th percentile.  About where my OB expected (estimating around 6lbs at birth).  Well, went this morning for another u/s and he is estimated at 5lb 7oz (that's where those 2 pounds came from! [have gained a total of 13lbs so far]), but this dropped him to the 16th percentile.  OB said that is still fine, no concerns unless he gets below the 5th percentile or has no growth. 
   Anyway, had the swab done to check for group B strep and he checked my cervix.  Nothing last monday, but this morning I am 1.5cm dilated and 80% effaced.  Cervix is anterior (that's good) and he could feel the baby's head.  He was very surprised he could feel the baby and that he is that low for a first pregnancy.  I knew he was low, cuz my groin is in agony and I have to pee every 20 mins (his head is right on my bladder).  I also knew the pains I had this past weekend were different than what I had been feeling before.   Guess I could go at any time; but you know how that goes.  I could stay at 1.5cm for two weeks and nothing!!!  But I am having pains that are pretty strong, but they are not regular by any means. 
  That's about it for now.  Will post again as I progress!!

Preggo update

Feb 09, 2008

Hello to all!  Just an update on how everything is progressing.  All progressing well, thanks for the interest!  lol  j/k.  All is well.  I am now 7 months along and have gained only five pounds.  The little guy is growing just fine and my OB is ok with my weight gain.  He originally told me 10-15 would be acceptable for me.  It's a little frustrating thinking about how much weight I would be loosing right now, but what cha gonna do, right?!?!?  At least I'm not on the road to gaining 50+ pounds during this pregnancy.  Blood pressure's doing well and I only have fluid retention (my poor ankles) when I work two or three nights in a row (you know us nurses, it's either too much time on our feet or too much time on our butts!).  But as soon as I have more than a few hours off my feet, it goes back down.
  I went home last month, to Florida, for a baby shower with my family.  I was very surprised and happy with the turn out and support.  I was really concerned about a lot of people accepting Rick and I being together.  But I guess they can see that I am happy and that's what really matters. 
  I am going to try to work up until my due date (May 9), but it's getting increasingly more difficult.  Hopefully I'll be able to be put on some kind of light duty or have a lower patient load so I can continue up until the moment I am screaming for an epidural!!  lol  
  That's it for now.  Will update as I progress along.  Thanks for reading!

A really big announcement

Dec 02, 2007

Ok, a couple of you already know this, but I am now ready to go public!

Rick and I are pregnant and expecting a bouncing baby boy around May 9 (my first and Rick's second).  I am 17.5 weeks along and I know I'll get flack for waiting so long to share, but I wanted to get past the first trimester and get some testing done.  We've already had genetic testing, due to my age, and everything is okie dokie so far.  As I said, we already know it's a boy, but Rick kept insisting it was a boy all along.  Guess I should have listened since he knew I was pregnant before I did.  
  I know it's well before one year post-op, but it was a pleasant surprise.  Especially since I was convinced I had fertility issues.  I had even asked my primary doc if we could do fertility testing once I hit the year mark (and I swear I conceived that night). lol  So, everyone learn this lesson, don't take chances and use birth control! LOL
  Yes, I have seen Dr Lynch, he's been very kind and supportive.  I was terrified to go see him to tell him I'm preggers. My pcp referred me to an OB w/ experience w/ WLS patients.  PCP, OB and surgeon all know each other and are communicating concerning my care.  All are in agreement that nothing physically is a risk, but I'm having to watch my intake and make sure to get in even more protein.  I haven't gained any weight yet.  The OB said he would be fine with a 10-15 pound gain.  I initially gained about 1.5 pounds (all in the boobage, sorry to share the TMI Scott), but it has since dropped back down.  Dr is not concerned.  When baby starts to actually grow in size (which is starting), I'll start to gain some weight.  
  I think I might have felt a flutter this morning, not sure, could have just been gas!  LOL  So, we need to start a WLS nursery for all these babies being born.  I guess that makes four of us here on the TN forum.  Plenty of babies to go around for all the "aunties". 
  On top of that, Rick and I just bought a new house.  We closed on 11/15 and moved in day before Thanksgiving.  Still trying to get things in order, but it's coming along nicely.  My family knows about the baby.  They were surprisingly supportive about it, especially since they needed time to accept Rick and I being together.  Mom was upset I didn't tell her sooner and Dad was concerned about it being so soon post-op.  They are in Florida right now, so won't get to see them till after the new year.
  So, now I have no more secrets.  Well, none that I'm willing to disclose!!!  lol


Oct 12, 2007

I have finally come out of twoterville and am now in ONEDERLAND!  I have lost 73 pounds and at 199 now. It is a fantastic feeling.  I am also in a size 16 misses jeans, which was a huge goal for me.  Life is feelin pretty good right now.  Hate to put it out to the universe and tempt fate, but I am happy!

My relationship with Rick is great.  We "officially" moved in together and it's been a learning experience as I've never been married or lived with a man. So it's been an adjustment, but I'm very happy.

I saw my parents a couple weekends ago and that went ok.  I met them elsewhere, they didn't come to the apartment or meet with Rick, but all in all I think it went ok.  I made sure, through comments, that they got the understanding that Rick is huge part of my life now and I intend him to remain so.  I really hope that they come around soon.

Anyway, work still stinks and I really hate it there, but I'm trying to make some changes.

I'll try to upload some pics this weekend.  Toodles for now~~

60 pounds gone!

Aug 03, 2007

I know I haven't been as faithful with blogging, but I'm also not faithful with my personal journaling either.  I pretty much suck at it!  lol   BUT ...I am down 60 pounds now (well, actually 59, but what's one more pound).  I CAN'T wait to be in ONEDERLAND!  That will be the most exciting thing.  I've been over 200 for 11 years or so now and I'm looking forward to leaving them behind and never looking back!

My relationship is going well.  Rick and I are having a good time together.  Everything's moving fast, but it just feels right.  We will be moving into a larger apartment in mid-Sept.  We're childless right now; his son went to visit his grandma in Florida for ten days before school starts.   I'm just really happy and Rick's a big part of that.  We are already talking marriage and I've been hinting at a "special" ring! lol  My birthday is Monday, 8/6, and he asked me what I wanted.  I held up my left ring finger and didn't say a word.  He said he couldn't get that yet because I was still shrinking and I didn't know what size my finger would be (and you can only size down so many times).  Oh well, maybe in two or three months I'll get that ring I've been waiting for my entire life.

The only not so great thing is my parents reaction to Rick and I being together.  If you know me or have seen my photos here, you can see there is one big difference between us! HA!  My mom says she just wants me to be happy, but we haven't discussed it anymore since I first told her about us.  I haven't talked to my dad at all yet.  They live in Georgia, but are out west for several months until the end of September.  They are supposed to stop here on their way back home, so I guess I'll find out then what they really think and if they are going to be accepting.  I sure hope so, beause I have never been happier or felt more loved.

Anyway, this is a long entry.  If I kept up more, I wouldn't have such long update entries.  Oh well.  I'll TRY to do better.


50 pound WOW moment!

Jul 10, 2007

Ok, I know, I know ...I've been remiss about posting.  I've done a lot of lurking and posted a couple replies, but have for the most part been absent.  My home computer is trying to make me throw it out the window, so I have to read and post at work.  If it's a busy night, then I only get to read.  Anyway, thought I'd take a few moments to post an update since I've received a couple inquiries as to where I've been.     

I have a huge WOW moment (at least I think so):  Today (Tuesday) I hit the 50 lb mark.  I'm really starting to see a difference in my body and it makes me happy!  I can't wait for the next 50 to drop off.  

I am also seeing someone special.  He's someone I work with and have known for a year, but we started dating about three weeks ago.  I know, shame on me for keeping it secret for so long.    But Connie and Sheila knew and they didn't blab!  haha  I'm really, really happy.  He makes me happy.  It's so funny, because when I first moved here & started working here we did not get along at all.  We almost hated each other!  But things are great and this looks pretty serious.  He's a single father raising his eight-year-old son.  I've met his son and he likes me, he really likes me!   But that is important.  

Sooooo, that about brings everyone up to speed. 

I also want to mention  I'm very appreciative to everyone on this board (specifically TN board) for all the support, encouragement and helpful information.  Thanks to all the "oldies" who have been a great help and I hope I can be as helpful to all the "newbies". !


Jun 20, 2007

Just have a moment for a quick update.  I am now at a 40 pound loss!  I am so excited.  Reaching this number has been a boost I needed.  I am only 33 pounds away from exiting the 200's ...FOREVER!!!!!!!   Will post more later!  

5/29/07: 20 days post-op

May 29, 2007

I'm doing pretty well.  I'm 21 days post-op and have lost a total of 27 pounds.  I am three pounds away from being the weight I was at my ten-year high school reunion.  Still fat, but it's progress!  haha  I've had a relatively easy time of it.  Only two moments of difficulty.  Early last week I took a iron/b-12 pill and I thought it was going to kill me.  I'm now taking a small iron pill and going to do the monthly b-12 injections.  And then Friday night some fish I ate didn't sit well (pureed).  It felt like it expanded in my pouch.  I ended up being sick, but I got over it.    
  Can you believe, I joined a gym!  I went to Gold's Gym AND paid for a personal trainer.  He was easy on me the first couple of times, but after I got my A-OK from my surgeon he kicked my butt on Friday morning.  It took until Sunday night for my legs to recover.  Felt like I was walking with jello legs!    
  Eating hasn't been too difficult; as long as I weigh what I'm going to eat before hand I do just fine.  Drinking is the hardest, I can't chug-a-lug when I'm thirsty.  It's three little sips, then pause then repeat.  I haven't been hungry, but I have had "head hunger".  And of course it's for things I can't have.  I was never a big cola drinker, but for the last week I've wanted a Dr Pepper or Coke something awful!  Oh well, getting through that as well.  
  I'm looking forward to being four or five months post-op and seeing what I've accomplished.  I still have moments of "what the heck have I done", but for the most part I'm happy with my decision.  I'm sure down the road I'll be estatic with my decision!

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