A Little Over a Month Out.......

Dec 18, 2008

So far this whole experience has been rough....I honestly thought that at 33 years old, my "complications" would be minimal! I've REALLY struggled with cravings--I think I've been mourning the loss of the "old" me and all the foods that I had to leave at the operating room door. I finally got over that, and then got sucker punched with a horrible stomach flu. In the last week, I've been to the hospital twice and kept overnight once for "observation". I was so dehydrated that they had a very hard time getting an IV line started on me, and when they finally did, my vein(s) kept blowing. Also another side effect from the dehydration was that my liver stopped functioning as it should. It's been rough!! A few days ago I started feeling better, only to start the whole process over again yesterday. The hospital diagnosed me with viral gastroenteritis which can last up to 10 days with a "healthy" person, but since it seems my immune system has been compromised because of the surgery, who knows how long this will last. I've been praying like crazy that it will just go away and so far this afternoon has been a little better. My middle son has his Christmas play tonight and I really don't want to miss it.......


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