Starting to SLOWLY feel a little better.....

Dec 26, 2008

Well, I won't say I'm back to feeling 100% again, but I'm finally able to hold very small amounts of things down....a half an ounce of skim milk, water, that's about the extent of my ability to handle fluids at this point....My new stomach feels like it has gotten MUCH smaller since I've been sick--not sure what that's all about....I can eat ice chips ALL day long and it doesn't bother me a bit--I've tried drinking my protein shakes, and I can't seem to get them down yet. Again--don't know what that's about because I was fine with them before this stomach bug hit me....?? I know I need MUCH MORE protein than I'm getting right now--I'm still so weak--have been able to stand up for longer periods of time today, but it has been a rough road to recovery so far. Never in my adult life have I ever been this sick for this long! My PCP is going to re-check my lycene (sp?) levels to make sure that my liver and pancreas are ok--I know I'll feel better when I get good news from those tests!
   I've lost a total of 32 pounds since my gbp surgery Nov 11Th---I lost 10 pounds easily while I was in the throws of the stomach bug---uck--not fun AT ALL! I'm SO ready to feel "normal" again--and to be healthy so that I can once again focus on getting back on track......I'm hoping that day will be soon!


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