Two weeks

Aug 08, 2014

The weeks are flying by. I have no trouble keeping my days full. Here's my schedule, roughly speaking:

7:30-8:30 am wake up, drink water, walk 30-35 minutes

9 am drink protein shake

10 am eat breakfast

10:30 am walk 10-20 minutes

11 am drink more water

12 eat lunch

1-2 pm work out at Y 

2-3 pm run errands

3 - 4 pm relax, walk, drink water

4 - 5 pm napping or preparing meals

5 pm dinner

5:30 pm walk

6 pm drink!

6-8 pm get in one more walk and relax.

9 pm sleeeep

I am finding purees add a lot of complexity to the routine. With protein shakes it was MUCH easier. There was no choice involved, no thinking about nutrition or calculating recipes in My Fitness Pal, no cooking. I didn't have to wait 30 minutes before and after to start drinking again. Today is the first day I have really struggled to get my water in, mostly because I have to be so much more aware of it during the windows when I am able to drink. 

So far, I've tried ricotta, eggs (well, one egg), chicken, and roast beef. Everything makes my tiny stomach gurgle and rumble, but nothing makes it protest violently. That's a relief. 

I use my little prep bowls as serving bowls and a toddler spoon. I eat verrrry slowly. I have to go for a walk immediately afterward because the gurgling, burbling gas is unpleasant. But thankfully it's not as bad as the pain I had when I started protein shakes. 

Physically, I'm feeling really good. I still have some tenderness around my stomach and GI distress (but frankly no more or less than pre-op, I have IBS). Fatigue levels fluctuate day by day.

I'm really looking to my two week post op visit (a few days late) on Monday. 


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