Second time around for surgery

Sep 28, 2009

Went thur all the test from Oct 2007 to Feb 2008, on to find that I had heart blockages.  This was a good thing as I had no symptoms.  Had double heart bypass on March 6,2008.  Still had not learned my lesson.  Having gone down to about 187 when in the hospital (I had no desire to eat or anything else)  Went home and  months later back to same old size.  In April 2009 at an appointment with Cardio Dr, he reminded me that "I had started out trying to have WLS and although I know that this is not what you came to hear today, I think it might be a good idea!!!"  I was majorly upset, as I just couldn't face anything like what I had gone thru with my open heart surgery.  I talked with my daughter who is a nurse, and as me not to have a malasorbsion surgery, so we decided on the "Band".   Called the surgerons office to find out what I would have to redo in relation to tests, and found that some of the tests I would not have to go thur again, the others would be a piece of cake,  I would also need clearance thru the Cardio Dr.  Beings he was the one who restarted all of this I had no problem there.  Had my consult again, and was told I would not be happy with results from the Band, as I am a light with more than 7 comorbities, and I would only lose about 30lbs.  This upset me greatly, but after some time passed I decided on RNY. ( my first attempt was for DS in 2007, then thought about the Band, and now RNY)  I felt like I had learned about three different surgerys, and was now going to go with RNY.  (I was told that I would not be a good canidate for DS any longer as they had found out that unless you are at least 150lbs overweight that it would not be a good idea for me.)  Again I guess I should be thankful that I did not have the orginal surgery, as I know people who have lost alot of weight, have reached goal and are still losing and cannot seem to stop, and are way below what was anticipated.
     I have no support on the homefront, as DH did not want me to have it first time as he said I was not healthy enough, and when the heart problem came up, it was like "I told you so".
     My daughter is a nurse, and although not really happy with my choice of surgery, Supports me 100%.
     I do not have any fear at this time, I figure that if God pulled me thur the heart surgery, he must still want me here for some reason.(It's more than likely to annoy someone to death)   At his time I see myself standing on one side of a bridge,
about to cross, and then although I can't really see the other side, that is where I will be when surgery is over, looking towards the "losers bench".  I am not worried about the surgery because you see that is the bridge that I must cross to get to the other side.  Maybe as it gets closer it will be a different story.  I go to the lawyers today to have my Will, my power of attorney, and my medical power of attorney drawn up.  I want everything in place by the time surgery rolls around.  I just hope I have left nothing out and do want to leave anything to chance.  I was lucky with the heart surgery, I will not push my luck.


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