Update 9/23/09

Sep 22, 2009

It's been a long time since I have updated.....I am been maintaing my weight loss for the last 2years. I stil b/w 155-165lbs. I have not made it to my long term goal of the 145lbs. The lowest has been 152lbs. But I am very content was my success. I do need to get back on track....I don't want the scale to go back up. I am jumping back on the protein train for the next couple of weeks in hopes to reach my goal of 145lbs. I have also made an appt w/my doc to talk about a possible revision. I am not sure if my tool is working for me anymore. So I'm going to ride the train and it I knock off the 18lbs, then I know the tool is still in effect. If I do not knock off the 18lbs, I will be looking into having a revision.

Tips for WLS:
1. Stay on track - Have a healthy eating lifestyle
2. Keep with your vitamins
3. Keep up with exercising


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Jul 23, 2007

Okay, this is an exciting day.... I jumped on the scale and it my surprise it said  165lbs.  That means I have lost a total of 103lbs since 10/12/06.  I am been at 170 for the last 2 or 3mths and it has been working my nerves.  But I guess, I did have something to do with it.  I have not been eating like I know I should and exercise is now a distant cousin.  I am now back on track to my goal.  I have jumped on board for the protein train and my next stop is 145lbs.  I am ready to get my butt back into gear.  I have to be at my final goal by my birthday, 9/13.

May Reflections - 7mth Post Op

May 21, 2007

Well I am still go the road for a better me.....I have lost as of today, 98lbs.  I am so excited.  I wanted to be at my own personal goal of 168lbs w/in 6mths but it took alittle longer. And it's OKAY!!  I am now back on track and working my tool.  I will be at my next personal goal of 145lbs - by the end of June(hopefully). 

Also I had an issue with my vitamins.....labs came back BAD!!  Not good!! I had been taking all my vitamins at the beginning of the day. Which I found out was wrong, I am suppose to take them through out the day.  I was upset b/c I was never told this by my doctor.....and they also had a vitamin sample time chart, which I never got.  So now I am trying to get that under control. But other than that, this surgery was a great decision for me and I cannot wait for more doors to open. 

April 12, 2007 - 6mth Anniversary

Apr 12, 2007

Today is my 6mth anniversary....and I am happy with my success thus far.  I am not at my OWN personal goal, which was 100lbs lost in 6mths, but had lost 88lbs.  Not too bad!!  I know that I have been off track the last couple of weeks....not exercising consistently, snacking and drinking while eating.  So it was my own fault that I did not meet my goal.  I am not ready to get back on track b/c this is a TOOL and I have to learn to work it from the beginning.  If I cannot stay consistent now, how am I going to do it later.

My social life has picked up and it's funny....I'm the same girl but now the attention is overwhelming at times.  I still see myself at 268lbs and am trying to see the new me.  I am adjusting to the new body and  new opportunties that are coming my way. Life is getting better each day.  I am not finally realizing that I am worth it and I can do ANYTHING.  Being big, well for me at aleast, I put up with alot of BS b/c I was not happy with myself.  Now I am not and people want to say that I have change and I'm like yes....but only for the better.  I am not allowing people to use and abuse me.  It is sorta empowering....being able to take control of your life.  I know now that I can accomplish anything I put my mind too.....

March 2007

Mar 12, 2007

Dang it has been a min since I have posted anything...I just had my 5mth check up and am doing okay.  I started at 268lbs and now weigh 189lbs. I am down 79lbs. I went from a 22 to 16/14.  I am happy but I need to do more.  I need to push myself to exercise 3-5times a week.  I am working on it.....I will be doing a lite protein train this week.  Next week I will be full blown protein train. 

For the Texas folks on here....Texas Relays is right around the corner. So I am trying to get down to 170-175lbs.  I am already making my plans for that weekend. 

Anyways, I am being doing good with my food.  It can still be overwhelming at times....I have been eating some carbs but trying to cut down on them.

Jan 2007

Jan 08, 2007

Okay...I have lost about 60lbs. I am struggling on food choices and what I should be eating. The Holidays were hard, I did give in. I am starting this year right. I will be doing the protein train until March. My doctor was not so pleased w/my 6week checkup so I want to "WOW" him. I want to be down 100lbs....that's another 40lbs. I have been very stressed and down but to other things in my life. It just seems as if nothing was going right for about 2mths. I was not living in my house b/c I could not afford my electric bill....was living w/my mom for about 4mths. From Sept 14th to Jan. It was so hard. The co-pay for my surgery and disability pay just kept me in the hole. It was so hard and depressing. But GOD is good and now I'm back in the house. Things are slowly looking up for me....Income Tax!!! I should be able to get caught up on everything. I still struggling w/eating when things are not going my way. And since I am in control of what I eat, I am not going to give in.

December 1, 2006

Dec 01, 2006

Okay, it's been a while since I've updated my info.  Well I had my surgery on 10/12/06. Everything went fine....no complications.  I did have some pain for the first week but the pain was not that bad.  I have had more pain w/my last daughter's C-section.  Well w/in 2wks, I was down 23lbs. 

Well I am now at 7wks and 38lbs down.  I am not so excited about that number but I think it is my fault. I need to start exercising and dieting more.  I have not been able to get in all my protein and water....still working on that.  I have not dumped or anything.  I have been trying different foods and haven't had any problem. Next week I have another checkup and I hope all goes well.

October 8, 2006

Oct 07, 2006

Well this was a tough weekend. So I have been talking w/my mother since April about the surgery and at first she didn't agree w/it. But she has now come around to understanding why I wanted the surgery. Well my dad-- we don't have a close relationship even though he and my mother are still together and we are ALL right now under the same roof. I talked to my dad after I was approved for the surgery and he didn't believe me or didn't care. I advised him then that I might need help paying for my copay. Well everything seemed cool. I had to pay my copay by Friday, 10/6/06. So I go to my dad and say hey dad I have $1200 and can you help me w/the remaining $800. He tells me that we will talk about it when he gets home from work. Well he and my mom talked and I slept. So I'm still thinking that everything is still good. Friday comes, nobody has said anything to me. After work, I head to the Dr. office to give my check. Call my mom on the way to confirm that they will be putting the money in my account. My mom then tells me "Your father really doesn't want to do it". Okay so I'm thinking well maybe my mom will just help me out....HELL NO, she didn't. This was the hardest thing for me to hear from my mom. I cried all the way to the Dr. Office. Thank God for my stock at my job....so now I will have to sell my stock to pay for the remaining balance. I have been staying w/my parents for the last couple of weeks and now I don't want to be here. It just confirms that they do not have my back. My dad, I can understand-- he never really supports me but My MOM. I think of her as my best friend. Now I don't even want to be around them. Well since I have spent all my money, I don't have any to get my vitamins and stuff that I need. So I go to my mom and say...."since you're not helping pay for the surgery, can you help get me the vitamins that I need?" She starts questioning now much it is and never really gave me a yes. So now I'm sure what to do......I just wish there was someone truly here to back me and support me. Everyone just wants to see how I do....waiting for me to fail. I can already tell that this is going to be a lonely time for me. I'm going to try to get involved w/the support groups here but wish I had one friend that I can count on. It's okay, I'm a strong lady. I got my 3kids that I'm doing this for. They will be my motivation through it all.

September 7, 2006

Sep 06, 2006

ORIGINAL SURGERY DATE!! I actually pushed back my surgery for work and family purposes. New surgery date is now OCT 12,2006. Another mth to get my life in order.
I am now regretting that decision. I have been so stressed lately. My job....I hate it now. So they want to label me as the "ANGRY BLACK WOMAN". It is so frustrating, it doesn't matter where I work.....it always happens. For whatever the reason, someone-normally management- does not like the cut of me. I cannot help who I am and the confidence that I have. I know I do a good job and for some reason, they always want to take my joy away. Ain't gonna happen, what they don't realize is that it is not me....it's HIM. They see my light shine and can't stand the sight of it. And it's okay, they probably don't even know or realize why they don't like me. "If God is for us, who can be against us"

July 28, 2006

Jul 27, 2006

So I have finished all my pre-surgery testing and so far everything looks good. Everyone said that I was a good candidate for the surgery. I have my final appointment w/Dr. Faulkenberry on Monday, 7/31/06. That is the day that I will get my DATE!!!! I am so excited. I still have not kicked in the exercise but I will.

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