May 15, 2018

It's been 3 months since I had my lapband removed in what was to be a 2 step surgery. Step 1- Removal, Step 2- Revision.

I was 112 the day I had my band removed. I wasn't even sure about revision but talked with my doctor and we decided that I would be a good candidate for the sleeve otherwise I would probably wind up obese again. 
Today I am 140 pounds. Gained about 30 pounds in 3 months and I don't feel like my eating is crazy out of control, I just have no restriction anymore.  My insurance denied the revision. I found out that my doctor is out of network and they won't cover out of network.

I met with a colleague of my surgeon who takes my insurance. We went over my history and he also agreed that I am a good candidate for the sleeve. He wanted to speak to my other surgeon that removed my lap band and had me talk to his bariatric coordinator. She told me that UHC would deny it so she won't even submit the paperwork for approval and wished me luck with my diet. She told me to contact a nutritionist and get control of my diet and not to lose hope!!!! UGGH She tried encouraging me by telling me that I got my BMI under 30 in the past so I could do it again. HELLOOO I got my BMI under 30 with a LAPBAND!!!! I was so unsiccessful in the past that is why I was approved for my initial surgery 11 years ago!

I feel like I am being punished for being compliant and successful with the lap band which failed me by slipping to the point of no return.

I decided today to casually drop by my doctor's office and speak to the staff about submitting that paperwork to insurance and fighting it if it gets denied. They had me speak with another person in their group that does submittals and she was way more encouraging than the last person. Here we go.... I will not take NO for an answer. I am fighting this thing until I get every door slammedin my face. I will NOT go back to being that depressed fat girl again.

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