My story is probably like many others.  I didn't have a weight problem until I was about 6 years old.  Looking back, I think I was taught food was everything.  When I was upset, I was taken out for an ice cream cone to help me feel better. If I made some great achievement--out to dinner to celebrate.  Bored and feeling lonely--food was my best friend.  I always remember havng a weight problem all through my life I controlled it better than others.  Luckily, I was an athelte--so I was a toned fat girl.  Weight watchers, nutri system, Jenny--all helped me at one point in my life, but I always bored with the program and ended up gaining weight.  I finally decided no more diets--I'll just have to incorporate healthy eating and exercise for a lifestyle change.  That kind of worked until I hit 40 and then more weight.  I feel like I need something beyond myself to help me and this is why I wan surgery.  I work in retail and my feet constantly hurt.  I run out of energy and everything I do seems to take 4x the effort it use to.  My family has a history of heart conditions so I feel like its time to take action again.  I want to feel good in clothes again and have a great size10 wardrobe waiting for me to visit it.

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