DS you had me at Hello

May 23, 2008

Since my Health has been failing a great deal since I was in the Hospital w/ pancreatitis in February, and being a few pounds short of 500 lb’s, I’m fearful if I try to wait out a recovery, considerable weight loss and on the insurance approval for the full DS, I might not survive.  

 I’m a few pounds away from being totally immobile.  I have to start getting some of this weight off.  

So I’m going the self pay route and getting the sleeve.  

 My number one concerns for not getting the full DS is, we are not sure with what’s going on with my pancreas still. Since I was too big for any of their MIR equipment, the doctors at Baptist Hospital were not 100% sure if it was a block gallbladder/gall stones/ pancreatitis; they presume it was a pancreatitis from my symptoms. Dr Spaw is saying its not safe to have the full DS surgery with my high BMI and to perform the full DS operation blind and monkey with the intestine.  

So I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your love and support. 


I want to walk in the sunshine!

May 23, 2008

I was out shopping for my Mom for Mother’s Day and got laugh and made fun of twice in the same store, so I wrote this poem { I want to walk in the Sunshine }. To tell the truth I was more upset at myself for letting it get to me.  

I want to walk in the sunshine.

I grieve to be out of my despair.

Days of Sadness have been my life.

Suffocating within myself

Stares of disgust

Laughter of pain  

I want to scream

I’m a person  

With feelings just like you

I’m just like you

With time I will transform

My health will improve

Strength of character survived

One day my smile will return  

I will always be just me

I want to walk in the sunshine

Health vs Time and $$$$

Apr 23, 2008

After fighting for the DS with Cigna for over Six Months my Doc in
Nashville says due to me being SMO with a BMI 69 he would only do the DS in a two part stages. So instead of having to start all over with the insurance request for a difference surgery , I have giving up fighting with them and I’m going to self pay for the sleeve with Dr. Joya in  Mexico. I hate Cigna



Got Approval from Cigna, but had to pass.

Oct 20, 2007


Got Approval from Cigna for RNY, but had to say.... No Thanks, I pass.  


The request to the insurance company for RNY WLS was sent on October 8 2007 from Centennial Center for the Treatment of Obesity 

As I was days away from getting approval for RNY surgery. I stumbled upon a main page post that got me thinking there could be something better for me than the RNY.
 On the post it was recommended by someone from the duodenal switch fourm for us RNY wanna be’s to check out the not so well known DS WLS before anything was finalized.  

 Being my curious self, I did some research.  The more I discovered about DS the better it sounded to me.  I wanted to swap but being unsure if my insurance company Cigna would even cover DS I decided to see if I would get approval for the RNY.  I did…. got the word 10/18/2007  

 Now the plan is to do the ol’ swap-a-roo. I Called Centennial Center for the Treatment of Obesity the next day 10/19/2007 to have all my paperwork faxed to Dr. Spaw’s office.(he’s the only Doc to do this procedure in Nashville )
 Now I’m back on stand by. Oh boy.







do what?????

Oct 01, 2007

Met my surgeon, Dr Dyer on Friday for the first time.

After & if the insurance approves the WLS, he wants to do a couple of more tests, one is to do with my legs/veins/blood clots risk, and the other on my lungs?

But hopelessness filled my entire being when he mercilessly verbalized the words of… 

                3 week liquid diet.

I’ve not been on any type of liquid diet since my navy days and I don’t think he’s talking about the same thing! LOL

But seriously I knew I would most likely be put on one because of how the weight loss benefits your WLS, but the difficulty of the diet is that

I just don’t believe in myself enough to do it.

Play time over.

Aug 28, 2007

  Talking to the Nutrition lady yesterday it hit me no more playing. Yes it’s going to be extremely difficult to quit my best friend/worst enemy FOOD. I know it’s not going to be a “sugar-free” cake walk. But it’s time.


I'm on my way!

Aug 28, 2007

I had the psyche exam and talked to the nutrition person today.


    OMG! No Red Meat for 6 months…


              Let the depression set in.


hello to all that check in

May 31, 2007

post #1  being fat sucks.you know it, hell I know it,so why do we love to eat???and why can't we stop/fix it on our own..just push ourself away from the table like every skinny person tell us ...that's will get the weight off,...don't eat so much. You need to Exercises, you don't need  any surgery.
From this day forward  I not taking any more suggestion,commentary on what I should or should not do.
Waddle a day in my untied shoes.
I'm enthusiastic hoping to have the Surgery!

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I want to walk in the sunshine!
Health vs Time and $$$$
Got Approval from Cigna, but had to pass.
do what?????
Play time over.
I'm on my way!
hello to all that check in