Dec 20, 2020

I'm looking to see if anyone knows if taking oxbile is bad. I lost my gallbladder last year.


Moving Up

Oct 15, 2016

My mental attitude and goals are moving. Starting a downward track. Goal one to not drink and eat accomplished.  Looking forward to all small goals achieved. 

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Sep 11, 2010


Depression  is still a problem for me.  I can not get out of this depression.  Nothing seems to matter and that makes it especially bad for stayin at eating right.  I am pretty good when people are around but I have found that I am eating more when i am all alone.  And that seems to be much of the time.  When people are around there are times I still feel alone.  I want to get better for sure.  I will be working on getting help but until I can I will do my best.  There are times in our lives that the best is not good enough. Well I realize that this is going to go on unheard ears but it does make a person feel better to tell it even if it is to your self.

Depression can depress you.

Sep 05, 2010

The past two days I have been down. First day all I did was eat out of controll. Then of course the reallity of the scale the next day was not pretty. Even though the second day I lived with the reality I am ok and and picked myself up for a new day. I know this a long journey and at times we hit pot holes but I made it past.

Stale Mate

Aug 06, 2010

I have seem to hit a stall in my weight loss.  Doing what I need to do so I was wondering if any one had a way to trick the body into thinking it is ok to loose.  I know that it will stop just can't remember after all these years(7) how I was to do it.  12lps this month but think it should be more useing the tool after putting back 50lbs since surgery.

Two Best Freinds

Aug 03, 2010

My two best friends.  Protein and Water.

On Track

Jul 22, 2010

Here it is 2wks back on the plan and doing great.  My weight is down.  I had to go out of town and man what a way to blow a program if you are not real motivated. I did really well.  There were some bad moments but i did not let them take over and blow up out of control.  Traveling is always hard. I noticed I had to many carbs and I was starting to crave them again. I am making a consious effort to watch all the things I put in my mouth.

New Book-Journey To The Top

Jul 09, 2010

I have decided not to just start a new chapter in this long journey.  I am going to write a new book part two going through it and making it up the hill.  I have climb the this hill far to long to stay in the rut i have created at the bottom of the hill when I fell.  PART TWO Journey To The Top.  Stay tuned for more about this great journey I am about to imbark on.

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