Started at Heaviest Weight of 485 lbs in 2007. November 30, 2007 had Lap Band @ Rose Medical Center in Denver. Bariatric Surgeon was Dr. Synder Denver Bariatrics.

Took next 6-8 years to really learn how to correctly fuel and maintain a Healthier LIfestyle. Started focusing on Nutrition and trying to significantly reduce the amount of Process Foods. I think I would call my eating plan Pegan. I've worked through BMR and Daily Caloire requirements and have establish nutrition Macros, that I work to keep.

I found out earlier this year that my Band was leaking. It was a bit surprising since I lost nearly 50 pounds in three months of modified eat plans.

I had the repair done on April 9th two weeks ago. Prior to Surgery I have an Upper GI Scope done. GI saw inflammation. Dr. Synder repair the leak in the Tube, and tested band with 10 cc of Saline. He did not leave it filled.

Post Surgery, I was surprised at the diffculty I had eating. Everything had to be chewed thoroughly especially sticking to the "No Water" policy.

Inflammation has improved a bit, and I am checking back in next week with Dr. Synder Office to see if I ready for first fill.

Having to split meals in half for now.

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