I have PCOS-pretty severe. I have lost 2 children before birth. I have taken SO many pills and had so many tests that I have felt like a human pin cushion and a test dummy. There is only so much that a person can go through. What sets me apart is the fact that my husband is in the military-and the military pay is not very much, meaning that IVF and other methods are out of the question. Coupled with moving every 3 or 4 years and getting a new doctor every 2 years while stationed somewhere means that in the 8 years I have been married, I have had at least 10 docs, and each one wants to do the same tests. I am sick of them giving me metformin and saying "here, take the birth control pill" to get me out of their office for a few months. However, I don't want to take BC pills, I want to have a child. I am sick of being passed around and no one really wanted to help the underlying reason. 
Long story short, I was humiliated in the doctors office last November and that set me on the path I am on now. I had received a referral to the reproductive endocrinologist at the military hospital. I was already in the room, and I heard a man outside the door (which was directly next to the waiting room) say quite loudly, "I am not seeing her, she is too fat. Tell her to get gastric bypass and lose some weight, and then maybe I will see her". The nurse came in about a minute later after i picked up my jaw off the ground and let me know that I had a referral to the bariatric department and I talked to my husband and let him know what happened. I was set on having it, because I was tired of the docs telling me I was fat, and constantly not helping me become and stay pregnant.
I didn't do this surgery just because I was sick of being fat, or because someone called me fat. I did it to eventually have a child on my own, with out the threat of PCOS hanging out over my head. I didn't do it to be thin-knowing as soon as I have get pregnant, I will have a weight regain that I will have to lose again. I didn't do it to be beautiful-I did it because my life's purpose is to be a mother.

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