About 20 days out

Jun 14, 2010

 I am about 20 days out from surgery, and since the beginning of this journey (beginning with the liquid diet) I have lost 34 lbs. I am feeling great-some days are better than others, but overall, I am ok. I still have some pain on the lower left area of my abdomen, but I guess that is normal. I have started with my pureed food-and let me tell ya, that is a hoot. I wanted a deviled egg last night, and sean made me some, except it was pretty much mush and sort of tasted like tarter sauce-for some reason he decided to use tarter sauce in place of mayo and pickles because it was easier. Whatever-I wanted them darn pickles, But my other main staples have been cottage cheese and eggs with a little cheese, salt and pepper. 
I have been walking as much as I can, and trying to get in as much water as possible, and am working towards 64 oz. but it is really hard-I feel dehydrated a lot, but I can't seem to get it all in. Oh well, a little bit at a time is the motto here-try try try. Hot weather seems to take a lot out of me very quickly, so I try to stay inside during the worst of it.
SInce the surgery, i have had a few "why did I do this" moments. But those happen during the moments when I can't sleep, or when I feel really run down. I am glad I had the surgery, but I am also sometimes wondering if I did the right thing. I love the newer thinner me, but I didn't do this to be thin-I did this to eventually get rid of the PCOS so that I can become a mother. 


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