A WOW today

Sep 06, 2010

I just got back from vacation, during which I had a blast and traveled 2300 miles. I got home yesterday and collapsed into bed-I needed the sleep. I weighed myself this morning, I weighed 200 pounds. I am in shock. I have not weighed this since before I got out of the military six years ago. The last time I weighed this was on my way up to failing all my PRT's in the navy. This is a total of 75 pounds gone forever.

Life is going very well. I am starting to swim in a size 14-some 16's still fit, but then again, I have a pair of 14's that are big. I am wearing a size large top and sometimes they are a little big. I am learning how to cook for my new pouch, and am learning that food can be a friend, but not my best friend in times of need. My hubby is saying that I am looking good-and of course I look REALLY different now. I got my hair cut shorter and got high-lights for the first time in my life and my hubby is happy!!! I have felt more and more girly-and am going to buy a pink gun tomorrow!! I rock! In between all of this, Life is just good. We are planning our 10 year vow renewal ceremony, and shopping for a dress is fun-at this point I am not trying on (we still have 2 years until the renewal), but looking can be fun. I have found out i like wearing heels-and man I look good in them. 

Eating is better now-I can eat at most half a cup, and now that I am done with the endoscopy and the dilitation, I feel great!! Life looks better when you feel that your pouch is not out to get you-but instead work with you. Sometimes I still regret having this surgery, but that thinking is far in the minority now. I am more glad I did it, because I feel good 95% of the time.


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