I did not start struggling with my weight until I was out of graduate school, when I was about 25.  Of course, that's when my metabolism decided to shut off.  It didn't help that I have always been a fairly sedentary person.  I had two left feet when it came to sports and I enjoyed reading at an early age.  Despite this, I was active enough (I was an avid bike rider) and I was never overweight as a child.

Once I was out of graduate school, and away from a large social network that kept me active physically, I noticed that I was gradually putting on weight.  I ballooned from 175lbs. to 236lbs. in the space of about three years.  When I got engaged I was determined to lose weight so that I would look good in wedding pictures.  I went to Weight Watchers and in the space of three months lost 24 pounds.  It wasn't my ideal weight, but at least I looked decent in my wedding pictures.  Since that day, I have gradually ballooned larger and larger.  I have had brief spurts of diets and attempts to exercise regularly, both being successful at first but then I would stop and the weight gain would be even bigger.

About three years ago I began to look into having weight-loss surgery.  I had decided to lap-band surgery and had comopleted all my pre-op testing, but then the company I worked for laid off 50% of their work force, I among them. My health benefits were gone and I had to wait.  Once again, I began the process this past June and I am finally at the point where surgery is imminent (as I write this it is less than 24 hours until my surgery).

I have re-married and now have two stepsons (Brandon, 24 and Dylan 16) as well as a daughter Gracie (4, and prominently displayed in my photos section).  My wife, Kim, and Gracie are the center of my life now and I need to get healthy so that I can be around for them.  I have studied everything I can about lap-band and am commited and motivated to succeed.  I am determined to eat as prescribed and to exercise regularly (I'm joining a competitive walking clue to keep me going).

Well, that's my story in a nutshell.  I look forward to the journey ahead and to meeting and supporting many more of you here on OH!

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