I am a 32 year old married mother of a healthy, gorgeous fun loving ham of a kiddo named Abigail.
I met my hubbers online 6 years ago and from there we have made a wonderful life for ourselves, he is a software engineer I am the Business Manager at a large Assisted Living facitlity. We live in a beautiful 100 year old farm house that we rent on 5 acres in the middle of the country, blueberry fields and soft rolling hills.. we love it here.
Both of us are Bluegrass musicians, I play the fiddle and sing and my hubbs plays the big upright bass. We have so much fun playing together and get the opportunity more often than not to play with some really top notch gifted musicians.
I am a stage performer and have done weddings, parties and anything else that might need music.
My extreme weight gain of almost 100 pounds in the 6 years since I have met my hubbers has taken a toll on me in the last year mostly. I no longer play on stage if I can help it. I saw a video of myself and I did not like what I saw. I was disgusted for the first time ever by what I saw.
Our daughter is a  healthy, gorgeous fun loving ham of a kiddo named Abigail. She is gorgeous like her momma )ME!!) She is one and half and I have never had so much funin my life. I can act like a total idiot and she LOVES it!!
I also spend most of my time interacting with her while seated on the sofa or lazy boy as running around is just not fun when you weigh 318.
This is the heaviest I have ever been and have started my path of WLS.
As a child I was extremely actice, softball, soccer, swimming, running, downhill skiing for fun and competively and motocross racing.Yes.. I was VERY active
That ended at the age of 15 when my knees kept dislocating due to my extra weight.
I had surgery to correct my left knee, but never my right. I now suffer from severe back pain, plantar facitits, headaches, sleep apnea (undiagnosed as of Jan. 2011). I am healthy as an ox otherwise, I have no Hypertension, no diabetes, not even pre diabetic, my hormone and thyroid levels are perfect. My PCP said to me 2 months ago "Katie, if I was just looking at these labs without having see the age I would not know if these were from a 32 year old or a 13 year old" So I am thinking.. great Priority Health has been a pain in the read to work with and as of Jan 1 I have BCBS of MI through my employer.
The surgeon that I have chosen thus far is out of Grand Rapids, Dr. Scholten through MMPC.

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