Sleep like your momma put you to bed!

Feb 07, 2011

Had my sleep study last night

Very comfy bed...
It was very much like being home again with mom... they come in, make sure you have everything you need (It is like a hotel room)..
Got all hooked up to a TON of wires and watched some TV and then Michelle came in and said... "were you thinking of going to sleep soon?" I said "I was just going to read for a bit" Michelle said "How about we turn the light off.. do you think you try to sleep for me?"
I said... "OK".... and it felt kind of nice to be told what to do.. to be told to go to bed and have someone else make sure I got the rest I needed.

Then... I called out when I had to pee and she whisked right in and helped me to the bathroom and at 6:30 a voice out of the wall said "Kathryn... are you ready to get up? would you like some coffee?"

I slept well, did not need the C-PAP through the night at all

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