Sep 17, 2010

These are my quotes for my surgeon (about a year old now and pre-HST so add 8%) in Ottawa to give you an idea.

1) Arms only $5,302.50
2) Breast lift only $5,827.50
3) Breast lift with augmentation (gummy silicone) $8,977.50
4) Arms and breast lift only $9,870
5) Arms, lift and augment (gummy silicone) $13,020
6) Lower Body Lift (LBL) - Approx $12K

- I requested and got anchor incision for the TT portion of the LBL. I had a quote for less ($9K maybe) from another surgeon but he would not do the anchor incision for me for the LBL, just a TT only. He was much less experienced so I decided to pay more for the experience and the procedure I wanted. I also had hernia repair done in conjunction with my LBL so OHIP paid for a portion of the hospital fees.

- Saline augmentation costs $1K less then the silicone cohesive gel (gummy).

Diane Loyer (need_2_lose)

Apr 24, 2009

We lost Diane last night. She was 39; way too young. It's tragic and scary and reminds us how real the risks of surgery are. My heart goes out to her husband, son, and daughter.

Many people often want to know what happened, signs to watch for that maybe something isn't ok. To follow is a list of posts that help piece together what we know.

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April 26, 2009 Jan - Diane's obituary

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Dr. L's Lab Order for Bloodwork

Nov 18, 2008

Electrolyte Panel

carbon dioxide

Hepatic Function Panel
A/G ratio
alkaline phosphate

Lipid Panel
chol/HDL ratio
calculated HDL

Vitamin Profile
vitamin D 25-hydroxy
vitamin A
vitamin D 1,25

Single Tests
BUN/creatinine ratio
total protein
CBC with differential
uric acid
iron binding


NOTE: In my opinion, you should also have B1 and K tested, but OHIP will not cover the cost.


Comparison of DS and RNY

Oct 24, 2008

A comparison of the two procedures can be found at http://www.dsfacts.com/Comparison-of-DS-and-RNY.html

Obesity Comorbidities List

Oct 12, 2008

An obesity comorbidities list can be found at

Current Vitamin Routine

Sep 02, 2008

Batch 1
1 x iron
1 x C

Batch 2
1 x probiotic
2 x selenium
1 x A
1 x D
1 x multivitamin
2 x calcium

Batch 3
1 x
magnesium oxide
2 x calcium

Batch 4
1 x A
1 x multivitamin
2 x calcium
1 x magnesium

Batch 5
1 x iron
1 x C

Batch 6
2 x zinc (once a week)

Daily Totals
A - 50,000 i.u.
D - 50,000 i.u. (deficient before surgery and currently)
Calcium - 1890 mg
Selenium - 100 mcg
Magnesium Oxide - 1000 mg (help with constipation from iron)
Iron - 300 mg (deficient before surgery and currently)
C - 1000 mg
plus multivitamins.

Weekly Total
Zinc - 100 mg


Clinical Data Articles on Duodenal Switch

Jul 05, 2008

Clinical data articles on Duodenal Switch can be found at http://www.dsfacts.com/articles.html

Lucie L'Ecuyer

Jun 09, 2008

Lucie passed away January 3, 2008 due to complication from infection. Her surgery was October 10, my birthday actually. She was the first person to welcome me to the forums and the first one to invite me as a friend. What a lovely soul. I think about her a lot and she is so much a part of my surgery journey that I don't think I will ever forget her. She went into hospital just as I was finding out I was approved by OHIP.

Her husband recently posted a wonderful article from their local paper about how their children planted a tree in their mother's memory at school. What a lovely tribute. The original thread is located here http://www.obesityhelp.com/forums/ON/a,messageboard/action,replies/board_id,5450/cat_id,5050/topic_id,3633503/

I was very moved by what he said later in the thread and I want to capture it here as it may help pre-ops. It actually also gave me some peace of mind about Lucie.

From Stephane, Lucie's husband...

hi this is Lucie's husband again,
First thing i got to say is that it comforts me to know people still think of Lucie once in a while.......Life goes on and everyone has there own daily routines, there own lives and sometimes i think that after 5 months since she left that i am alone in remembering her, so it comforts me to read your comments.....thanks again....

Just a little comment i have to say about weight loss surgury....anyone that says they aren't scared of going threw is has to be lying, either to others or themselves cause surgury is surgury, if you go get your tonsels removed, if you go to fix a hernia, or if you go for weight loss surgury....surgury is surgury and realisticly there is always risks in any surgury. My wife knew that. That's why she each wrote us, the kids and i, a letter before going into surgury. For me i sorta thought it was pointless, I told my wife that statistics show that it is very rare that things go wrong and that if it made her feel better that she continue writting those letters BUT i wanted her to also write something else....i wanted her to write a list of all the reasons she was wanted the surgury....she had a long list and nothing on that list was for her appearances. There was going waterslidding, there was going going into bumper cars at the park, there was swimming and many more simple things that everyone takes for granted.....My wife WANTED TO LIVE....She realised that the kids weren't gonna be young forever and that she wanted to enjoy time with them, she wanted to enjoy time with me.
And people that say that surgury is "the easy way out", are full of c**p(sorry). That is usually people that don't know what being overweight is, that is people that take everyday things for granted.
If i had one suggestion to say to people that are thinking about weight loss surgury, i would tell them to make sure they make their homework, they make sure wich surgury is the best for them if even needed....read everything that is out there about the surgurys they are planning to undertake then make a wise decision....my wife did this....she talked to a lot of people(the people on obesity help are a great source of experiences), she read and studied everything and then talked to her doctor about it.....her doctor was even surprised that Lucie knew so much about it (maybe even some details that he didn't know).....if it was to be redone we would probably do the same thing...the reasons for doing it and the studies where made....
When it comes to the infection, we still don't know where it comes from, it is still being investigated. I beleive it was an unfortunat cicomstance....I beleive that if Lucie would have gone for her surgury a month later, a week later or even a day later, it could have changed everything...the only constant is that Lucie wanted and felt she needed this to save her life, the life she had with the rest of her family and her own....

I probably said enough for now so thanks again for all positive comments....

In memory of Lucie

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Back info on Lucie can be found here
Lucie's Profile http://www.obesityhelp.com/member/gypsybloom/

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Dec 26, 2007

A lot of people ask about getting the tickers to work so I am posting the info from Lori B. here for quick reference.

Go to tickerfactory.com  Create a ticker by following the step by step instructions.  IMPORTANT!!  When it tells you to copy the code for your blog, DON'T copy the code!  Just highlight your created ticker and right click to copy it.  Then go under "user setting" in the blue box on the left and add it to your signature line.  You'll have to right click and paste it.  As your weight changes, you can just click on your ticker from a post where you've posted, and it'll take you right to tickerfactory.com.  You'll enter your pin # and then it'll automatically update your ticker!

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