Feeling sorry for myself..... ????

Jan 08, 2021

Sooooooo yall im in a bad spot right now. Went to doc yesterday for final pre-op app an they told me my insurance had not signed off on my surgery!!!! I mean wth...they had me go ahead with my final blood work an a ronna test today an even pre op intake over the phone. What if all this work all this time is for nothing? It took me a year an half to get to where im at now. I feel defeted on a level that I cant explain. Not to mention im on this liquid diet an thats hard all on its own. My doc said if they havent heard anything by Monday than I want be able to have surgery Tues. When i heard that i cried ..then got mad ..then wanted to eat ..but didnt. Now Im home on the couch with my protien shake puffy eyes comfy clothes an Netflix waddling in my self pitty lol .....

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change  change the things I can an wisdom to know the difference ......


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