A Rainy Day Thought.....

Nov 10, 2009

I have't been on in awhile so I figured that I would just catch everyone up on whats been  going on with me....Things have been going well with me. My scale has finally moved and I am losing again...but at times I am afraid to post it b.c my scale sometimes has a mind of its own...I move it one place and its one weight and move it another and its another number...Last week I took it to work to make sure my weight read the same as it did home on a much more level surface and it did...Well since I am PMSing I will not be weighing myself until next week...Things are going wel with working out with my personal trainer...I am able to do more without my back hurting and me being all sore..  My clothes are starting to hang off of me and I am using belts like crazy.....I can not wait to buy new clothes that fit my body better.
Work is work....I went from a dept of 4 of us now down to two by the end of the month...I am just so burned out from my job and feel so unappriecated...I thank the Lord that I have a job, but just trying to find my purpose in life right now...
Still single....I really need to get out more and mix and mingle, but I am broke and not trying to spend anything money until after the new year....
I would be nice to have a date and be taken out sometime or another....its been so long that I probably would act like some desperate female that never interacted with a man....lol

Well let me go work out....


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