Happy New Years!!

Jan 03, 2010

Its been a minute since I have posted something on here, but I am back.  The month of December was pretty stressful...between work and paying bills...I was just counting down the time until my x-mas vacation.  My mind was on E and was ready to leave.  My x-mas vacation was great...I really enjoyed myself with my all my family in North Carolina.  My family was amazed to see how much I have slimmed down.  My test was to watch what I ate during the vacation.  Now I see how my ass got big....all my family love to do is eat and drink.  I am happy to say that I did not have a ounce of alcohol...I am atleast trying to wait until either my 6 months anniversary or my birthday to have something...I just don't want alochol to be a road block for me losing weight.   The food on the other hand, I tried my best...but they had it all...I did manage to get sick twice, but that was due to the fact I drunk something too soon after I ate...I felt like crap...I even had to throw up the one time and went to sleep to feel better.  My parents cooked fried chicken, had chinese food, hot wings, lasgna, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, and so fourth...I nibbled here and there, but I did back away as soon as I got that full feeling.  I did manage to hit the treadmil a few times...I decided to chill for New Years with my family instead of heading back to the ATL.  I just needed a few more days to relax and was not ready to go back home. 
When New Years came I got a nice phone call from my one friend that I was super surprised to hear from. Of all the 7/8 years I have known him he never blew up my phone during the holidays.... Although it was sweet, I am not pressed about it and going to keep it moving.  For 2010 I am all about doing me and not worrying about these men that won't make time....I am all about to continuing to lose my weight, getting a better social life, getting a new job making more money and enjoying life.

I met my new neice, which is so adorable and was able to spend time with my other nephews and neices.  Was sad to leave on Saturday and now this morning I am sitting at work dreaming about the next time I will get a vacation...

On Sunday, I headed back to the gym with my personal trainer.  The session was good and I was feeling good and was suprised that I was not all tired like I usually am after being off for a week...This chick that was there, half my size that was also off for a week, was beat and had to leave early...All I could was smile because I was glad that my endurance is improving so much...I am on my way...2010 is going to be a good year...I can just feel it.


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