A little somethin' somethin'...lol

Sep 06, 2009

What's going on everyone?  Just thought it was time to put a little something on the boards for those of you that actually keep up with me and my progress. 

I actually got a chance to meet up with a lady from here on the boards (shout out to imonly30)...come to find out that we live in the same community....and our kids are dating....now isn't that ironic? 

I have finally had the chance to get with someone to keep me on track...and keep me honest.....curses...no more ding dongs on my walks...OK only kidding.  We have started trying to do some walking daily and working hard to try to get in a workout or two a week.  With my crazy work schedule I can't seem to make it to the gym on our property...but wait til the weekends...and I plan on tearing up some treadmill time. 

As for keeping up with all my goals....I have failed miserably....but I am willing to try to refocus myself on getting back on track.  I have succeeded in getting my protein in and taking my vitamins....now I just gotta get that carb and sugar monkey off my back.  They seem to call to me....and even when I'm not trying to hear them I am. 

I have been on and off of steroids for months now for my asthma so my weight has gone up a bit...and I'm not too happy about that.  But all I can do is focus on the stuff I need to do and do it all the time.  To all those evil people who keep bringing me goodies...I really don't like you much...lol.  I have my own team of saboteurs.  I know they mean well, but they know I'm weak....help a sister out already.  At least bring something with coconuts on it....I hate coconuts...that way I won't even be tempted.  Bring me some sugar free candy....at least I will remember the runs and not eat it like a nut again. 

For those of you that don't get why I am saying this...people will "help" you in all the wrong ways...and boy do those ways taste so good.  I still crave my best friend....and at times I give in to her sweet nothings in my ear...but I really do need someone to just snatch that corner of red velvet cake from in front of my face...lol. 

Be kind to your WLS friend....don't bring them good stuff...lol.  Enjoy the holiday, stay safe and don't drink too much and drive.  Take care all.



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