So far, I love my lap band.  I wish I did it sooner.  Allowing myself and getting myself through my lap band surgery was half the battle.  I had all my insurance approvals 2 years ago and had even seen the cardiologist and got clearance but thought I didn't try hard enough on my own to lose weight.   Always thinking weight loss surgery was the easy way out of a mess I created. Feeling all the time that I made poor food decisions and deserved my weight issues.  After gaining 15 lbs in 1.5 years, I realized I had to stop beating myself up and get the help I needed.  Once I got to that point the surgery couldnt happen fast enough.  I write this now, two months after being banded and know being banded is one of the best decisions I have made for myself.  I don't know how where or how far this journey will take me... but I'm so happy .... and so thankful.  Yep, I've worked hard and my band is the reason for my success! 
                   ~~~~~~~ Good Luck on your journey.... wherever it may take you~~~~~   

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