jrosean 13 years, 5 months ago

Good Luck with your surgery!! I wish you all the best!!!

Azpoohbear 13 years, 5 months ago

Good Luck with Your surgery. Here's to you having an easy and speedy recovery.

TMnewlife 13 years, 5 months ago

Best wishes for an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery...sending positive energy your way! ~Teresa

fitby40something 13 years, 6 months ago

Here's to a textbook surgery and a speedy recovery. You'll be on your way back where you want to be before you know it.

cindyl123 13 years, 6 months ago

Positive thoughts are with you

Sarah448 13 years, 6 months ago

Best wishes with your revision next week. I hope everything goes smoothly in surgery and you have no complications. I think you will love the RNY - you have "instant" restriction!

janetb_skinny 13 years, 6 months ago

Good luck Friday. Speedy recovery wishes heading your way!

Kim_68 13 years, 6 months ago

All the best in a uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery.

Jacque V. 13 years, 6 months ago

Wishing you good luck and a speedy recovery. I'm scooching over on the loser's bench for you!

Amelie722 13 years, 6 months ago

Best Wishes for your surgery.
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