SIZE 14!!!

Jan 13, 2014

Yesterday I was getting dressed, and I decided to go into my bin that has all of my 14 and smaller sized pants. I figured it was a long shot, but I wanted to see how far away I was from fitting in a pair. my wonderful and great surprise, the first pair of jeans I tried on FIT!!! My mom bought them for me, I'm guessing at least 4 years ago. Definitely before my third son was born, and I had never been able to wear them, they still had their tags on! I could have screamed for joy! I had a bit of a muffin top, but nothing ridiculous. I still can't believe it...I'm wearing a size 14!!! Ahh that's so insane to me! That's such a "normal" size to wear! I am so thankful every day that I had RNY. I have been truly blessed by this surgery and it has bettered my life in so many ways. Last week, my husband (who never notices ANYTHING), mentioned FOUR TIMES how good I was looking, and that my curves were really getting defined. One day he even stopped and said, "Whoa, you look hot!" Me?! Hot?!! Amazing. I am so happy.

On December 31st I started the Couch to 5K program, and today I began my third week of it. It is definitely pushing me, but I have found that the more weight I lose, the more i enjoy pushing my body. It feels good! My motto has become "I can do this! I can do this!" I am trying to quiet the negative thoughts that still live in my brain. There is no room for them anymore! :-D


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