6 Months Update

Feb 21, 2008

Wow, where did these six months go???!! I sit here dumbfounded, as to how fast life has passed  by, but so much good has manifested in this short period of time........I am feeling all kinds of feelings, all which are filled with power and excitement!
I can honestly say that I am Blessed and truely "Living" again....I live each day filled with gratitude, thanks, and Love.
It feels so good to smile again, not because I couldn't  before, but because I physically can now, where as , before the smile, and the dimples were buried in the fat and pain... Family and Friends say that I am "Beaming, and Glowing" 

Magical Milestones This Month:
~My  Son and I each fit into a pant leg of my Old Size 30/32 Pants
~ I have lost a total of 133 lbs now!!
~ I wore a pair of Jeans for the 1st time in
 12 years!!
~ I climbed up a ladder & rode on a float in a parade!
~Doing Precor Machine Daily- Finally!!!
~ Got Permanent Make up done on my eyes
~ Taking a Road Trip to Reno w/ my girlfriends!

~ Finished my Vision Board for 2008!

5 Post Op Update

Feb 06, 2008

I know  I am late on my journaling this month and I think about it daily as to "Why" I did not post sooner, there are many reasons as to why I am delayed and and I believe it is  Fear, Uncertaintiies, and Time. So much is actually changing and moving in my life right now that this whole experience just actually blows my mind and it seems sometimes more than I can grasp and handle which makes this whole journey exciting, powerful, and takes me over at all levels of who I am, and who I am becoming! The fear comes from feeling as if this all a dream and one day I am going to wake up one day and have all that weight back on me!  That scares the life out of me!

The best way to describe the way I am feeling today is that my life has had the "Pause" button down for the last 12 years, and I finally switched it over to "Play" and boy am I enjoying Life! I live each day as if it were my last as we all should! I say this because I currently have certain friends who think that  I am going through a midlife crisis and/ or going over board with all I have been doing and changing things in my life, and I explain to them the feeling of being "on hold" for all these years, and then they finally get it!!! Recently I've done things like got a piercing, cosmetic make up, moles removed, and other things...but I am doing things to make me feel good, I truely feel I deserve it!!!!

First off, I want to thank my husband, my kids, my angel Michelle Childers, my tight circle of friends and Family  who continue to stick by my side when the going gets rough! This journey is no cake walk, it has its moments...........

So much has evolved this month that I will try and remember it all:

* I am down 126lbs.!!
* I am now wearing a size 14! and shopping at Normal Stores, which I have not done in the last 12 years!
* I walk/ran my first hike, Thank You Michelle Tobon for reaching out to me! I did it.
* I took an Aqua Aerobic Class, boy did it feel great to get in the pool after all these years, I was like a kid again, splashing around. I felt alive!
* I started my girlfriends Edita and Stacy back at the gym, it has brought us all closer together, and I realized how much I really missed them in my life.
* I now belong to two gyms, never in my life did I think me, Francesca would be a "Gym Rat". I now work out about 10-12 times a week, and enjoy every minute of it.
* Taking a "Road Trip" to San Diego with lifetime friends Edita and Kathy, God did we have a blast, Shopped, Danced, Gambled, Partied! First Trip ever by myself! Thank you Julio for letting me go!
* And two of my Greatest  Accomplishments this month:
- My "Wedding Ring" Story being published in OH's Magazine-March 2008
My Oldest Son making Honor Roll for the first time, and him telling me, "Mom you have shown me that with hard work, drive, and commitment you have the power to change, do and be anything you want in your Life" Wow! That is priceless to me...........

That just makes me know that everything I am doing, have done, and continue to do  is affecting my children in an ubelieveable, powerful way, and I do not take this for granted one bit, I truely believe I am blessed and my journey not only has affected me, but it has inspired others, It is all about "Paying Foward" and going over your gratitudes daily....I truely know in my heart that,  this is why I stand here today on my journey..........Happy and Healthy. 

Until Next Month..........God Bless!

4th Month Check In....

Dec 29, 2007

So much has happened this month that I must put it in print so I can read it and reflect on all that has manifested!
First of all I want to thank God once again for seeing me through my journey day in and day out. Everyday is a new challenge, reward, and gift.  I have taken this new tool, and have made it work for me to the best of my capabilities!

Things that have happened this month:

* I have lost up and over 100 pounds!
* I am officially in a size 16! I haven't been in a 16 in over 12 years!
* I run 3.5-5 miles a day, seven days a week, and have included weights, bands and ab exercises in my routine.
* I started a new career, which I am enjoying very much!
* We took a Family Christmas Portrait that I actually "liked" and used it for X-mas Cards! (Never before would I have done that!!!!)
* Magical Moment-Strangers from the gym have been coming up to me and  have been telling  me that they have watched me transform over these past months and to keep up the hard work!...God Bless you all....These new friends are: Sharon, Art, Ruben, Rhoda, Scott, Steve, John, Bob, Vince, Holly, Nanette, Teri, Winnie, Kim, Craig,and Eric...The list of friends from the gym grows weekly, I can not tell you what a rewarding feeling this is!!! It just proves to me that my hard work, focus, drive and dedication is paying off.....The fact that people come up to me who dont even know me and are telling me that I am an "Inspiration" really makes me feel good! Especially at 4am in the morning when people don't even feel like talking!!!   I thank each and every person that approaches me,and then I introduce myself and shake their hand, and tell them what their words mean to me.
* And lets not forget a huge thanks to 
Michelle & Bob Childers, my friends who continue to be there for me in my journey, They are angels! They hold my hand daily! and to my best friend Julio, my biggest fan! Who doesnt discount me for a minute..I love you!
* This was the first Christmas Holiday Season in my life that  I ate a healthy meals, and I didnt even feel deprived! I know I am on the right path to freedom from Obesity.

2007 is just about over, and boy has it been a year for change...  I am only ready for more change in 2008!  God Bless...Live More, Laugh More, and Love More!
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3 Month Anniversary!

Nov 20, 2007

Well It's been 3 months and boy does it feel great! I never thought that the weight would be coming off so fast...I love myself more each day, which allows me to share that love and excitement with the world. Everyone says I am glowing, beaming, and for once in the past 10 years I truely believe it! Things that I have experienced this month:
-Going to the Movies and sitting on the top row (Because I finally can!!)
- Sitting in a Food Booth at a Restaurant-That was a huge WOW moment w/ Michelle and Pam,  (First time in years!)Thank you for being there w/me to experience that!
-Crossing my legs! (wow, forgot what it felt like!)
-Driving my car w/ the steering wheel down(not digging into my stomach anymore!)
-and Best of the Best, I'm in a Size 18!!!!! Yay!!!! 

I thank God every morning for waking me up and for giving me the strength each day to go to the gym, I am now up to 3.0-3.25 miles a day, seven days a week. I believe I have taken that addiction I had towards food and applied it to exercising! I can not see my life without exercising now, it has become a huge part of my life, and I can not tell you how good the rewards feel.  Thank you for for love and on going support from my husband, kids, family, friends, and the OH Family ...You know who you angels are!!! ! ~ it has been a great ride so far, and I am just getting started! 
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, I have so much to be thankful for this year! One more month down, and another to come! I'll check in again soon!

My 38th Birthday!!!

Nov 04, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007 was my birthday. I called a few friends at the last minute and we got together for dinner, drinks, Kereoke and dancing.  
For the first time in many years I felt like stepping  out. Getting out of that "comfort zone" where I  hid for so many years. I used to make up excuses not to go out because I was not comfortable in my my own body, I did not love myself, my self-esteem was tarnished.   I always felt like people were either staring or gawking at me. Like I was an alien or a three headed monster!   I knew that they were doing this because I could feel their eyes , their demeaning looks, hear and feel their negative whispers....I figured staying home was always best, it was my shield...because I never wanted my husband or kids to have to deal with the embarrassment or to have to protect me or my feelings... because there were many times when he said he felt like saying stuff to people, but he always held back the anger and pain  out of respect for the kids and I, but he said all of these years it truely hurt him, because no matter what size I was or am, I am his wife, the mother of his kids, his bride, his soulmate. This is why I love this man so much!

I want to thank all my friends and family who made it to Rita's that night....I had a great time dancing and singing the nite away. Here are a few of the pictures. I love you Julio, Michelle, Bob, David, Christine, Myla, Syl, Andy, Jen, Britt, Rudy, Shannie, Teri, Paul, Kim, Lori, Tina, Moh, Kevin, Jim, and Niteen. Thank you for making my first Birthday night out in years a memorable one! You are definitely true friends who will be in my life forever.

IMG_1015.jpg My 38th Birthday!!! picture by fran707

2 Month Anniversary- 10-20-07

Oct 21, 2007

I had a great weekend! My husband I went out for the first time in ages, with a bunch of good friends, we went to the local pub then to  a Kereoke Bar which was hilarious!!!....We ran into alot of old friends, we had  a good time. I was the designated driver for everyone, but I was okay with it, having 72lbs down so far I can not complain and would not trade these feelings for anything in the world...I am loving my new life, and I know its only going to get better!! I go to the gym seven days a week and up to 30-40 minutes of cardio..........What keeps me focused is, Commitment, Discipline, and Visualization.....I am too scared to even look back....I now think of exercise just as a part of my everyday life, like brushing my teeth, and showering!!!! It's a must do!.....

Finally under 300!! I did it!

Oct 17, 2007

Well Today I broke through another milestone (10-15-07), I will be two months on Oct. 20th.. I finally got under 300lbs, I weighed in at 299! This is sooo huge for me, I have not weighed under 300 in about seven years...I felt so good, I again started crying at the gym, I am truely happy, this is just one of the magical moments that this tool has given me. Bring it on, I am ready for it all! I give thanks to God , daily for giving me another chance at this beautiful thing we called "Life"!

The Wedding Ring

Oct 09, 2007

The Wedding Ring

   Today was my Wedding Day all over again….



 September 27th, 2007..While I was at the gym running on the treadmill……Something inside me, that “Little Voice” told me to go home  after the gym and open the little box I had kept my ring in for the past 7 years. I dusted off the small wood/glass jewelry box that I suppressed for so many years, I opened the box , took out the ring, and held it for a minute near my heart, and kissed it...and then I slipped the ring right on. My eyes teared up immediately.  I felt amazed at all levels, at that point I felt that I could finally love myself again! The feelings were so powerful, it was as if it were my wedding day all over again, as if I were at the alter, 13.5 years earlier. I wiped my tears away, and  went on with getting ready for the day....I then went into the kitchen to make lunches and my 12 year old son said mom where did you get "That Ring”? because he knows I am not one to wear jewelry, so it stood out…….and I said, Son, Your father gave it to me 13.5 years ago on our wedding day!! At that moment he grabbed onto me, and hugged me tight, and didnt let go, he said "Mom, I am sooo proud of you, for once in your life you are working so hard on yourself and you are sticking to it, I am so proud of you mom" then came the flowing of tears again, tears of joy, and triumph, but also tears of hurt and pain because I suppressed this ring so deep inside of me.  My son said, he just figured that my husband  never bought me one.  This made me sad because  my own child never had seen the ring that symbolizes his parents unity and love for each other ...I told my son, that I put the ring away when he was 5 years old because it didn’t fit, it was tight and gave me a rash,and I never wanted to size it, because I knew deep inside of me that one day it would fit, and today was that day! I told him that this is what happens when you never give up on your hopes, desires and dreams, and that YOU have the power to change, do, and have anything in your life as long as you are specific in your asking,and to also  keep your focus and your vision.

  I now wear  my ring daily, it is my anchor,  it’s there to remind me of how hard I am working and how much I love myself , family and friends! My husband on the other hand was speechless when he seen the ring on my finger, he just held me tight as we let our tears flow. He is my biggest fan ever. He never gave up on me or us, not one minute!







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