Panniculectomy denial

Oct 07, 2019

Hello everyone!

 It has been sometime since I posted on this website. I had gastric bypass ruin Y in January 2017. I have lost 130 pounds and have maintained the weight loss for the last two years. I look and feel great! The gastric bypass bypass was life-changing for me.

This question is for Canadians coveted by OHIP.

 I have had a consult with a plastic surgeon. He put in all the paperwork for the panniculectomy. Ultimately,  I’m going to have a complete abdominal plasty.  Pay the difference.   The problem is OHIP has denied the authorization to cover cost.  My panni hangs half over my mons pubis (mons Venus).  I hate how it sits in my lap while on the toilet.    I have had rash/excoriation & odour.  I have purchased just about every over the counter sprays and powders to keep the area clean.  Without too much success.  I wear compression panties to hold it in but that is ultimately causing irritable bowel from the intestinal compression.  I have gone back to see the surgeon.   The biggest problem for me is that the Panis doesn’t hang well below the pubis symphysis. We have appealed the decision.   I submitted a well written letter to the appeal board.    My question is has every anyone ever been denied a panniculectomy and then ultimately the appeal reversed the decision?

I am feeling frustrated!


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