Surgery completed

Sep 17, 2010

First i would like to say thank you to all who posted and emailed me words of encouragement.

I had my surgery on wed 9/15  The hospital i was in did not have internet service so i had to wait until i got home to post

I was released from the hospital today and i am finally at home resting. 

I will say one thing..........  DAMN gas is painful  LOL   i'm sure all of you that have gone through the procedure know what i'm talking about, i never though i would be so happy to just pass gas (i know doesn't sound like something to talk about)

now come the healing part and the liquid stage of my diet. 

i will say i really do not have an appitite to really eat and have to remind myself when the time comes to eat

My first visit to the Dr will be on Tuesday, i'm just goignt o take this weekend to just rest

once again thanks to all


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