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Mar 05, 2012


Well something is working

Jan 21, 2012

The scale has begun to move in the right direction again.  LOL.  2 weeks and I have lost almost 8 pounds.  What am i doing different?  I am just following WW guidelines and points.  Trying to eat more fruits and veggies.  I feel good.  Healthy.  Less bloated and constipated, well until TOM came along. 


Starting 2012 off to a good start

Jan 07, 2012

I joined WW.  Took alot for me to decide to do this, but I feel it is what I need to do in order to get me on the track to eating healthy.  Since WLS I have been doing really good about eating my protein, but maybe not the best sources.  I think that maybe I was eating too much fat.  I also was clueless about how many calories I should be eating per day and how to incorporate veggies in my diet, plus getting all my protein in without being too full or stretching my pouch.  Also I have been having trouble with switching back to some of my old eating habits (eating junk food, snacking, depending on shakes for my protein, not drinking enough water, sipping on sodas, going longer periods of time without eating).  I needed some direction to nip all this in the bud. 

They assigned me 41 points.  No way I can eat that.  Which they said I should speak with my WLS nutritionist about.  So what I am doing this week is eating small meals, calculating points, and logging food here to get an idea for the calories and protein amounts.  Gonna average out the points after this week and set that as my daily goal.  Will try this for a few weeks and see if this breaks the stall.

1 year ago (jan 3, 2011)

Jan 03, 2012

1 year ago on Jan 3 2011 I had RNY. It has 4ever changed my life.

Starting weight 360
Ending weight 265
Loss 95 pounds

Guess this would categorize me as a slow loser. But hell I am ok with that. Atleast I am a loser. Been in a stall and have been trying to break free. At loss for what to do. The one thing that I do know I need to do is to kill the carbmonster who's been lurking around. Thinking of doing the 5day pouch test, but more so as to kick the demon. Think Friday will be the day. I work so believe it or not it will be easier to do this for the 3 day weekend. I am gonna make the split pea and pumpkin sausage soups on Sunday.

been feeling tired. Having weird cravings.. ice and ice cold beverages (which is weird since I am always drinking room temperature drinks).

I am afraid to go to my 1 year follow up appt. I am afraid of what they might say. I really havent lost much in the past 6 months as far as weight. I have lost inches though. Havent had measurements taken in awhile.

I could just kick myself for not taking a picture on the day I went into surgery. will get a recent pic posted up here. I can definitely see the difference though. I cannot believe how HUGE I was going into this.

Report card (week:12/05-12/11)

Dec 10, 2011

Exercise has been good. 5 out of the 7 days.  Friday after work I was so pooped, that I just skipped the gym and went to bed.  Saturday I ran around and tended to errands.  By the time I finished I had time for lunch and then to gt ready for work.  Plus I just didn't have it in me to go to the gym anyways.  Planning on going in the morning when I get off from work.  Don't want to take more than 2 days off in a row.

Trying to get all my vitamins in.  I have been good at remembering to take them once a day 5 out of 7 days.  So thats what I am gonna work on this week.

Drinking lots of water.  Calories have been ok.  Getting in lots of protein.

Went clothes shopping and surprised myself with a nice sexy outfit.  Even got some heels. Now I have to practice walking around in them so when we go out, I do not look like a fool and fall down.

Pretty emotional

Dec 07, 2011

Been pretty emotional the last few days.  Been missing my mom who died 7 years ago.  I even got pissed at someone who hasnt been a good mother at all to her children and now is so excited about being a 1st time grandmother,  but hastnt even seen the grandchild.  I have always felt this way, but I guess I was just uncensored about it this time.  I felt pissed at the time and now I feel bad about the way I reacted. 

Sleeping has been weird.  Or atleast I have some weird dreams when I fall asleep.  I am thinking that I am gonna talk  to  my PCP about my sleep habits.  There's gotta be something I can take to help with my moods or my sleep.  But I do not want to have to take a pill everyday.  I want to take something that I can take just when I need it.

Exercise has been awesome so far this week.  Took Sunday as my day off.  Been doing the tredmill at an incline this week.  Feels different.  Not sure if I am working myself as hard as I do when I do the elliptical, but I figured I would do a change up to confuse my body a little.  The last 2 days I have went up to an incline of 12 and then came back down to a 3 for a few minutes.  I went up and came down 1/2 an incline every minute.  Definitely was using my glutes, hamstrings, and my calfs.  Took a little longer to feel hot, sweaty, and labored breathing.   Felt totatally good after the workout though. 

Did 30minute strength training session on the machines (arms, chest, back, and legs).  I am looking forward to doing another 30minute session this week but concentrate on my abs and my inner/outer thighs..  might throw in some lunges and squats for added measures.  hehe. 

Report card (week: 11/27-12/04)

Dec 04, 2011

Great week.  Cut out my sweets for the most part.  I did have a couple of hershee kisses throughout the week but no more than 2 a day, if that.  I have been drinking plenty of water.  I did add a tiny bit of caffeine to give me a boost (1 small tea bag).  I have done really well with my proteins.  I increased my Protein to 80-100+.  I have also been increasing my calories a bit.  1500 for the past 2 days.  Mondays are always low considering the fact that I sleep most of the day (the joy of working the graveyard shift all weekend).  I made it to the gym 6 days this week. 4 days 30minutes cardio and 2 days >45minutes of cardio. Strength training x2 days for 20minutes.  Took Sunday off, even though it about killed me not to drive to the gym after work.  Glad I did.  Needed the rest.  Slept to 4pm.

Goals for this week
- Cardio 45 minues 3 days a week. Strength training 30minutes x2 days
- Protein 90g each day
- H2O 64-80oz each day
- Vitamins 4 days this week
- Calories 1000-1200 x5 days, 1500 x2 days
- Log food intake x5 days this week

Pictures can tell a 1000 words

Dec 01, 2011

Been looking over the pics from this past year.  Re-visiting memories with my family.  I cannot help but admire the changes that have happened in my appearance.  I take for granted sometimes (ok, most times)  what I have accomplished by looking at what I want to happen.  When I get dressed, sure I notice the flabby skin.  But deep down I still feel FAT.  I still dont see what other see.  They pay me compliments and give me lil nicknames (skinny mini).  I smile and feel good, but it is a fleeting moment. 

I have been so focused with the weight loss stalling, that I havent been noticing the other changes.  In so many ways I went back to the old way of thinking, "you'll never do this",  that I noticed I had been slipping back into the old pattern of sabotaging myself so that I wont be so dissapointed in the end.  Sure took a helluva long time to realize it. 

Time to get a grip and realize that I am WORTH this and everything else that I strive for. 

Darn scale wont move

Nov 29, 2011

Thinking of hiding the darn scale.  I know that I am losing inches, but the scale isnt making me very happy.  On a good note I have been hitting the gym good last week and so far this week.  I worked out on Monday and am planning on going tonight when I get off from work.

Gonna shoot for increasing my protein intake (by adding a shake or 2) the rest of this week.  Once thanksgiving leftovers are gone, I am gonna stay away from carbs as well (minus the great nothern beans I will be eating on for the next week or so since no one else will eat them in my house).  Also gonna start taking my vitamins again this week

Report card (week: 11/20-11/26)

Nov 26, 2011

 To sum it up, It was a very good THANKSGIVING week. I spent the previous week at my family's in NC, so I was way off my routine last week.  However I did work out at the gym twice b4 I went.  This week I worked out at the gym 5 days ( a minimum of 30 minutes each day) , possible 6 days ( i cannot remember if I worked out on monday night or not).  Foods havent been too bad.  I did eat foods that maybe I shouldn't have (like stuffing and coconut cream cake), but this year Thanksgiving wasnt focused on just the FOOD as it usually is.  It was about being with my family.  And since I dont get to see them that often, we enjoyed each other's company while we cooked and talked while we ate. 

My moods are better.  Sleeping is still the same.  I have actually been falling asleep easier but waking up earlier.  Not sure if thats due to all the exercise and such.  hopefully I will be able to sleep a little longer.

GOALS for this coming week:
- Blog x2
- Gym x5/days (30 minues cardio each and 15/20min strength training twice)
- VITAMINS!!!!!!!!!
- Update pic or post new pics on profile

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