My name is Jessica, I will be 33 in July. I have never really had a problem with my weight until I started having babies. With my first child, I gained 60lbs never really lost all that weight, continued to eat as I always have and naturally I continued to gain. Five years later, I was pregnant w/Twins and while I only gained about 20lbs with the girls, once they were born I really didn't lose any of that weight. After the twins were about a year old, I began to really see how my weight was becoming an issue. I started doing simple things like going for walks, etc. I never took it very serious but it was always in the back of my mind haungting me. When the twins were about 4 I got serious! I was sick and tired of being sick and tired so I began really 'dieting' I used weight watchers and lost 25lbs, but eventually I quit going to the meetings and in no time I gained the weight back and then some. I took a little break and then I started taking some over the counter pills and lost an amazing 35lbs - I was thrilled and wouldn't you know I got pregnant! I was not happy at first but I had another beautiful baby girl and it was all worth it! It's so hard to get back on that horse when you've fallen off so many times before, but I did - I tried exercising with my sister-in-law and was hopeful again - I would lose a little here and a little there but it was never consistent - of course neither was I. I had many excuses, obstacles, reasons why I was unable to lose weight but the bottome line was that I felt weak. I felt bad about myself and it projected. I quit caring and ate whatever I wanted. Finally, I learned about lapband and this option seemd so promising that I began researching and the next thing I knew I was beginning the year long process. I took this very seriously and even went back and forth with whether I wanted to go to this extreme. In the end, I decided it was my biggest hope - the bright light at the end of my fat tunnel. I submitted the request to my insurance and was approved. I took it as a sign and went ahead and decided to go for it. My surgery date is only 4 days away - I've waited for so long, I can't believe it's almost here. I am very excited but also very nervous. I expect that is pretty normal. I'm having a hard time with the liquids - although I am being good about protein and my daily multi-vitamin which is better then no progress at all. My surgery is scheduled for 9am but I have to be at the hospital by 7am to registar. This has just been such a long journey - it seems strange to finally be moving on to the next chapter in my story. I started this process over a year ago. I've done all the psych evals [3 of them], I've had my excercise eval, all of the meeting w/the coordinator, etc. I went last week for my blood workup, physical, EKG and final consult. I had my EKG come back abnormal 2x - which really thru a wrench in the plans. I almost couldn't have the surgery - I had to go to a Cardiologist asap. I managed to squeeze in the following day - which was wonderful considering that was his last day before he went on vacation - so he's going to allow me to have the surgery and just monitor my heart post-op.  Other than that - my husband is supportive. My mother is very supportive and will be caring for my kids for me so I can recover. I love my life and want to live and enjoy it for a very very long time!


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