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Which is a better workout? Assuming you do the same amount of time, a treadmill or a recumbent bike?

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Just looking at the Obesity Help site and saw that there is a light weight forum. Who is this for?

I'm thinking it might be for those who had under a certain amount to weigh?

Let me know!


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I had my surgery at the end of June 2018, so about 10 months ago. I haven't lost any weight in the last 3 months. I was 260 before they approved my surgery, had to lose weight prior to surgery. Got down to 228 the day of surgery and I have been at 18

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How can I tell if my ticker shows up on my posts?

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Hi Guys,

I had my surgery June 28th. Still not supposed to be eating beef, lamb or pork (but I did make chili with ground beef for supper tonight). I need some some breakfast and lunch ideas. What are your favorites? What are you packing to

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just had gastric bypass surgery thursday. I was doing fine but i think i drank too much water and tea too fast. Feel like i really need to burp or maybe i need to vomit. What do i do?

help please

Kathy S. wrote 10 months, 4 weeks ago
Welcome to ObesityHelp! We are glad that you have joined our OH community. Be sure and check out the tutorial that appears when you log in. As you check out OH, you'll see many features and tools that are created for our members as you embark on your WLS journey. We suggest you upload your avatar, fill in your surgery type, date and surgeon. If you have not done so, let us get to know you by adding some information on your profile "about me" section. Hang out on your surgery type forum to interact with those that had the surgery you are going to have. Great support and information. If you want assistance with finding a surgeon, and or have any additional questions please email us at [email protected] Regards, Kathy ObesityHelp Community Services 866-957-4636 Ext 393

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Wishing you best of luck! I have my surgery tomorrow as well!

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New to this forum, scheduled for RNY tomorrow. What is your number one tip for me?!

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