It's 2010!

Jul 09, 2010

Hello all, it is now 2010 and I have not been to the site in over a year.  NOPE! I have not had surgery yet.  I tried a hand at losing the weight myself and I was successful....sorta.  I lost over 100lbs and I have since gained it back.  You may think they are excuses, but it was life that hit me.  Finances, relationship, stress, illnesses, nearly losing my mother, and the daily routine that got me back to where I started from.  But, I must say that I am not as nearly as heavy as I used to be.  I am almost to my heaviest weight which was 360lbs.  I am currently at 344lbs, which a week ago I was at 354lbs.  So I managed to lose a little bit of weight without effort.
I am taking a stab at surgery again, becasue I realize that I need some help.  Notice that I said HELP!  That is what this surgery is.....help.  No the magic cure, not the solution, but help.  I have to do my part also in this.  See I figured if I have the surgery and I know that it is in place, it will give me the discipline that I need.  Without surgery, I sabatage myself by saying that I can have it and it wont hurt.  With surgery, I know I can't have it and the temptation wont be there.  If I am not tempted, then I dont think about it.  I try hard to eat healthier and it works...sometimes.  But their are other times that I eat healthy and I throw som junk in there and I never stop eating the junk.
This is what I am sick of.  So once the band is in place, NO MORE JUNK AND SABATAGE!
So Pray for me, as I will pray for you!
I'll try to get back to post every now and then!


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