85 lbs Gone !!

Mar 19, 2007

I am very happy at the moment with the weight loss. I am however suffering from unexplained severe Neuropathy in my legs and feet. It is also spreading to my right hand. I am undergoing some testing, but vitamin deficentcey has been ruled out. We will hopefully know soon what is causing it.

58 lbs down !!!!

Feb 06, 2007

It has been awhile since I updated. Things are going okay. I can't eat much of anything, and I know I am not getting in my protein. I feel okay though, and I went back to work. My eating is getting better day by day. I'll update more later and add a new pic.

Nov 17th

Nov 16, 2006

I have been dropping weight pretty fast. I am down 13 pounds already in a week. I am concerned about getting in enough protein, so I am going to try and step it up this week and make sure I drink my protein drinks. I have not had a bowel movement yet, and this morning when I weighed I was 0.8 lbs up. That kind o worrys me a little, My lower back has been hurting me. My doctor has started me on pureed food, and i had some chesse and broccoli soup yesterday.

Update after surgery

Nov 11, 2006

November 11th
The day of surgery I felt very calm and collected. Until they brought me to the holding room before surgery, then I got nervous. I got nervous and started to cry. Dr. Wilson came in and he made me feel better. My surgery lasted 4 hours, and I had no complications during surgery. I was able to get up and walk a little bit. That night my blood pressure dropped pretty low, it was 81/42, and my Oxygen level was dropping every time I went to sleep. They gave me more fluids and put me on oxygen and it was better.


The day after surgery was the worst. I felt very weak, and I was in a lot of pain! I had to do a swallow test. To do it I had to drink some nasty stuff and then they took x-rays

To check for any leaks. That was difficult, because I was very weak and it was hard to stand up. Then later that day they came back and got me again, because they had to redo the test. I thought something was wrong, but they just needed better pictures.



Today I was released from the hospital and I feel 10 times better than I did. I am still having a lot of pain, but I am a lot more alert than I was. I have 6 incisions, and so far I am only drinking water and eating ice chips.

My husband has not left my side, and my mom and dad have been watching Joshua for me. I decided to stay in Houston one more night, because I couldn’t handle the long car ride. I am going home tomorrow, and just going to take things one day at a time.  I have to make sure to drink a little water all day, so I can stay hydrated. My skin is very dry, but things are going to get better. The nurses said I was the best gastric bypass patient that they have had so far. I haven’t complained a lot, and I am really trying to get walking. The pain reminds me of the pain after my c section except it is ALL over my abdomen instead of just at the lower part. I go on Tuesday for my follow-up appointment.


Pre-Op Diet

Nov 03, 2006

I am now doing the pre-op diet. Protein Drinks and chicken broth. I have a bad headache!!! My doc's office called this morning and said my urinary test showed a urinary tract infection so I will be taking some antibiotics until surgery. I'm ready to do this and get it over with.

My Posts from old profile !!!

Nov 01, 2006

May 21st 2006 - I am a 25 year old married mother of one. I have been married for 7 years and started dating my hubby 10 years ago. We now have a 18 mo. old little miracle boy named Joshua. I say he is a miracle , because he was born at only 25 weeks gestation and weighed only 1 lb. 8 oz. when he was born. He has been through a lot , but he is doing great now. I have Polycysic Ovarian Sundrome, Insulin Resistant, Infertility (I had to go through infertility treatments to get preggo with my son), High Blood Pressure, a Mitral Valve Leakage in my Heart, diagnosed Tension Headaches and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both of my hands. ( no clue why I have Carpal Tunnel), I have a Hiatal Hernia in my diaphram and reflux. I have aches and pains all over my body all the time, and I have to do something about it. I weigh around 276 which is a all time high for me. I have tried many different diets, but none work for me. I am currently waiting approval from my Insurance Company for the Gasric Bypass Surgery. I am very excited about it, and ready. I hope it doesn't take too long to get approved.

June 2nd 2006 - I am still waiting to hear from the Insurance Company. When I call they tell me it is still "pending". The waiting is killing me. I am ready for a answer. I know it has only been 2 weeks since it was mailed off from the doctor's office, but it seem like forever. They said they recieved it on the 25th and they should have a answer by Wednesday the 6th.  I don't understand why it takes so long. Oh well !! I'm trying to wait!

June 9th 2006 - Still waiting...The Insurance Company is taking their sweet time. They say it is still "pending". I had a scope on my tummy scheduled , but had to reschedule because I got a cold. The Insurance Company told my doctor's office we should have a answer sometime next week! Let's hope so. After that my surgery will probably be around 3-4 weeks from then. I'm getting a little nervous, but I am so ready for this. We have a vaction to Orlando scheduled for September, so hopefully I will have lost a little weight by then and be more comfortable. It will be the first vacation that Shane, me and Joshua have ever taken all together. I love them so much, and I can't wait!!

June 20th 2006 - I had to start a 3 mo. supervised diet with my WLS before Insurance will approve.

July 22nd 2006 - Well I have 4 more weeks left until my final appointment of the 3 mo. surpervised diet. June's was 4 weeks ago , I just had July's appointment and my August appt. will be August 16th. After that they will be resubmitting my information to the insurance comany and it should be approved by the middle of September. We are going on vacation on September 16th - 23rd. I think my surgery will probably be in October. I am getting excited because the time is really flying by. I am also going back to school this semester, but I'm only taking 2 internet courses. This time next year I will be a whole new person (on the outside anyways)

September 6th 2006 - I haven't updated in awhile, because I have been really busy. I had my last appointment today at the doctor  to end my 3 mo. weight lose program. I gained 4 pounds !!!! I don't think it is suppose to work that way. Anyways...they are resubmitting my info to the Insurance for approval. I hope they are quick about it. They said my surgery will probably be next month.  I'm getting a little nervous about it now. So now it is just a waiting game !

Oct 1st 2006- Well my Insurance company is full of a bunch of idiots ! They claim that I was a few days short of my 3 mo weight lose program so they denied me again. My WLS has a appointment to talk to the medical director at Aetna on Tuesday to do a Peer to Peer Review.  I'm sure it will be approved, but I'm just tired of all the waiting. Then I got my Letter of Denial in the mail and it said that they were tring to get me approved for the lap band, but it is the Gastric Bypass that I am going to have. It is just one hassel after another. I'll update when I find out more.

Oct. 9th 2006- Well, my doctor has resubmitted all my information again with the extra appointment that the Insurance wanted. Now they should definitly approve my surgery. It is just a matter of when. I spoke with my WLS office today and they said my surgery should still be this month. As soon as they get the approval they will schedule me. HURRY UP AETNA !!!

Oct 20th 2006- I recieved a call today saying that my suregery was APPROVED !! I am so excited about it now. It is scheduled for Nov 8th ! That is not very far from now and I am a little scared. This is what I have been waiting for, so now it is time to get to work. I have so much to get ready before my surgery. Keep me in your prayers.

Oct 23rd 2006- I went today to my Cardiologist Appt. today. He cleared me for Surgery and said I need to go for it ! This appt. helped to ease my nervous a little bit. I am getting nervous about it. I have begun to tell people that I am having the surgery, and  everyone is a little bit shocked, but very supportive.

Nov 1st 2006 - OMG!!! One week from today is my surgery. I start my liquid protein diet tomorrow! I had my pre-op appointment Tuesday. It was a good appointment. I go next Wednesday for my surgery. I'll be on the losers side soon. i was nervous because the nationwide mortality rate is 1 out of 200, but my surgeons mortality rate is 1 out of 500 ! That is really awesome results.

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