public humiliation.

Jan 04, 2013

So my husband and I took our kids to an indoor trampoline park by our house called sky zone.

They have this really fun looking pit of these foam blocks that you can jump in for the trampoline. Ive been wanting to jump in for a while, so i did..... BIG MISTAKE.

I literally could not climb out! The foam cubes were so deep and thick!! I had nothing hard to stand on, or put my hands on to pull or push up. I was so humiliated, i must have looked like a fool trying to get out. This guy kept asking if i needed help and i said no. Finally my husband came to my rescue. He had to get in the pit to get me out, everyone was watching. So my husband was pushing me up while the other guy was standing on the deck pulling me up by my hands.

This is seriously the first time that my weight has absolutely humiliated me!!!

Hurry up sleeve, i need you =(

ive added a new goal, next year i WILL jump in and climb out!!!! The foam cubes will not win. Oh and at least if i cant get myself out i will be small enough to be pulled out with ease ;)


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