I'm working and it might kill me

May 27, 2008

Well I started working as a part time cake decorator at Sam's Club.  The extended time on my feet is going to kill me.  I'm sure this would be a lot easier if I was a few pounds lighter.  But hey, at least I have a job for the summer.  The good news is that it means I'm not at home thinking about eating.  I'm working (hard) and moving a lot more.  Hopefully this helps with the weight loss.

The bad thing about this job is that it's supposed to be part time, but I'm thinking that 37 hours is not part time.  Starting in June I'm teaching classes for cake decorating and out local JoAnn's Fabrics.  Between the classes and the Sam's Club bakery, I don't want to work more than 40 hours.  Hopefully once Graduation season is over it will improve.

My husband went to talk to a counselor.  It put him in a much better mood which put me in a much better mood.  He even said it was nice to talk to someone about some of the stress he has.  Whew!  I knew I didn't have the expertise to help him and I can only "nag" so much.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and prayers.

First Fill - 3cc

May 15, 2008

Well I went back to the Doctor on Monday 5/12.  I thought it was going to be a check up on the incisions but he offered a fill and I gladly accepted.  He put 3cc in.  

The first day I was supposed to eat only liquid.  My husband was nice to make dinner and it was on the menu the day before (refried beans) I wanted to try some.  But it didn't set well.  I wound up having soup that night.  I was able to eat the beans the next day for 2 meals and it was fantastic. 

Dr. Clark said I had the newest generation Enimed (Inamed).  I have no idea how much that holds, but I want to do some research.

I haven't lost any weight in over a week.  But I've also added soft foods back into the menu.  I'm also not drinking enough water.  I'm sure the combination of those 2 things is prevening the weight loss. I'm not doing enough work so it's not going to show.

I must keep focus.  Prayer and support helps a lot.


May 07, 2008

I never did take my own measurements, but the doctor's office did.  So when I was there the last time I asked for a copy.

Here is what they have on file:

Height: 5' 4"
Wight: 352
BMI: 60.4
Neck: 14.5"
Upper Arm: 19
Chest: 53
Waist: 47
Wrist: 7
Hips: 68
Thigh: 34
Calf: 18
Ankle: 11

Embarassing but true.

On a positive note the doctor is pleased with the progress of my healing, however he was concerned about a couple of my incisions being red and inflamed.  So I'm on neosporin and bandage for a week.  I'll see him again on Monday to follow up with that.  The bad part about this is that most adhesive irritates the daylights out of my skin.  On my upper incisionI have roated the bandaids around several times so as not irriate the same spot and I almost have a flower pattern now of red irritation left by the bandaids.  =(  And that's using the hypo-allergenic cloth ones.

I start on pureed foods on Friday or Satruday.  This means I can add pudding, applesauce, mashed potatoes (instant made thin), custard style yogort, baby foods (ick), or puree my own foods.  I can also add refried beans if they are mashed very well.  If I handle these foods well I get to move on to soft foods 4-7 days later.  WOOHOO.  My husband reminded me that our wedding anniversary is this month and I'm going to work very diligently on making sure I can eat "normal" foods by the end of the month.  Or at least select a restaruant with enough of a soft foods menu that we can both have a nice dinner.

So that's the news from Austin.  Oh yeah and my official numbers as of last monday was 28 lbs since Feb 4th.  So a little over 9 lbs a month since my first visit with the surgeon.  All in all, not a bad week.

Follow Up Visit Today

May 04, 2008

I go to see my surgeon today for the follow up.  I have no doubt everything is moving along as expected.  My wake up weight today is 336.  My incisions itch like crazy and are tender to the touch and last friday I started craving something to chew.  I didn't even care what it was.  

I had one low over weekend, my sugar was 37.  I just had 4 oz of regular juice and that seemed to spike it up nicely. I go to see my endocrinologist I think in 2 weeks.  I should probably find a new PCP since I hate driving so far to see the one I have currently.  I also should find a OB/GYN since I'm supposed to consider birth control for 18 months and condoms for married couples seem weird.  Medically I have a busy schedule for the next month or so.  Or I should have a busy schedule if I get of my butt and make some appointments.  =)

My husband is having a hard time with his job and his reserve career.  His company was just bought by anohter company and they are all contract employees now.  He's been pretty miserable there and this does not make it any easier.  For his reserve career it seems like he's orphaned and no body wants him.  This could affect his next promotion because he's nobody's priority and no one knows who is supposed to sign his current evaluation.  He's pretty miserable and though he says he's a believer he doesn't believe prayer will help.  He said he thinks God as more important things to worry aout.  I told him God doesn't worry and prayer is always appropriate.  We'll see how it goes.

I'll post again after my appointment to see how things with the doctor.

Hardly Any Pain

Apr 30, 2008

Well, there is hardly any pain left from the surgery.  A little now and again.  The incision sites are still tender.  I haven't had a BM yet.  But the best news is last night before I went to sleeep, and after I had my dinner soup my scale read 337!

That's the first time in a long time I've seen the scale under 340.  So yay me.  I'll have to see it a couple of times before I consider it a true loss, but it's a temporary one at least for now.

And I also found the General Foods International Sugar Free Chai Latte powder at a local Randall's Grocery store.  The stuff tastes amazing and has very few calories and carbs. 

Slept on my Side

Apr 28, 2008

I realize this isn't much to most people, but today I was able to turn on my side and sleep, sort of.  I'm also feeling up to working on Wednesday and so I told the ice cream guy (I decorate his cakes part time) that I'd be on Wednesday.  I figure if I'm not up to it, I can always cancel later.  But for now I'm feeling good about it all.

I am a little disappointed, the scale hasn't shown any drop in weight yet.  I haven't had a non potty bathroom visit yet, so maybe that has something to do with it.  I'm not going to worry about it yet.  Just a little bit frustrated for the moment.

Type 1 Diabetic and Lap Band Surgery

Apr 27, 2008

So before I decided to have this WLS I tried to find other type 1 diabetics who had had some form of WLS.  I didn't know about this site and so I never did find anyone.  Just curious does anyone out there have type 1 diabetes and has had or is thinking about having WLS?

I'd love to share stories with you.

It's getting better

Apr 27, 2008

So it has been a couple of days now.  The pain is easing a little bit.  It's a little bit easier to get things off the floor.  The incision sites are a little more tender and I have unusual pressure around the lower part of my rib cage.  I plan on calling the care coordinator tomorrow to find out if this is normal.  I also need to make a follow up appointment with Dr. Clark. 

The scale so far hasn't moved, but I don't expect to see much until normal bathroom functions resume.  I've received some awesome cards and phone calls and emails.  I love all the support I know it helps me feel better.  So Thank you if you are one of these people who have sent or called well wishes.  I love you all.

Burping is very very painful.  I don't recommend it!

Day after Lap Band Surgery

Apr 26, 2008

No one told me how much it would hurt the day after.  I have a gas bubble in my shoulder and my abdomen is stiff and sore.  It hurts to bend, it hurts to get out of bed, or stand up from a sitting position.  Burping and farting is very very painful.  I'm praying that I don't have to use the bathroom for anything other than liquid.  I can only imagine the suffering that might cause.

I'm very glad I did the surgery on a Friday.  It means I'm not feeling up to going out today.  If tomorrow is better I might try to get to church.  I just hope I'm feeling well enough by Tuesday to get to classes.  I've missed so much already this semester I really need to make it Tuesday.

Thanks to everyone for your support and blessings.

The Day Before Surgery

Apr 24, 2008

My lap band surgery is scheduled for 4/25/08 at 8 am.  I'm on clear liquid diet for pre op day.  My tummy is grumbling something fierce.  I wasn't able to sleep at all last night and wound up falling asleep in class today.  I've sent word to my evening professor that I won't be there.  Without real food there is no way I can wake up enough to be functional with no sleep.

I'm nervous that I will fail with this tool.  The only times in my life I remember not being overweight is the couple of summers I swam on a community swim team and my Senior year in high school when I was forced to take aerobics for graduation.  Even then I was not small, but at least I was active and fit.

I'm doing this now so that I can fit in chairs, not turn to get through the bathroom door, and buy clothes in Target.  I'm also studying to be a school teacher and I need to be able to keep up with the children and not be so clumsy and knocking everything off the shelves and desk with my hips.

I'll do my best to keep this updated.  I love the site, it's a great inspiration.

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