October '07 Where does the time go??

Oct 05, 2007

It's October already??  It still feels like summer, literally!! Well, to update everyone on my journey:

I went to my first seminar on September 15th.  I walked away a little disappointed.  First of all, I thought the surgeon would put in an appearance, but he didn't.  It was held by two women, one was an RN and the other was a social worker.  They gave a lot of information, most of it I already knew.  They were talking about drinking "their" protein drinks (Optifast), at $120.00 per week.  This would not be covered by insurance, Wouldn't that kinda be like a prescription??

Then at the end of the seminar, I had the audasity to raise my hand with a question about my lupus.  The RN said that was a personal question and we needed tio talk about it later.  (I felt like I was being called out by my 3rd grade teacher!!) Most of the people who were in the seminar had already gotten up to leave anyway.  Well, I went right up to her afterward and told her about my lupus and how my esophagus is not involved, and she said that would be a personal decision between me and the surgeon.  Couldn't she have said that when I raised my hand??

On the way out, they handed us (my daughter went with me) a questionnaire and other vital information.  I got home and immediately started filling it out.  Then I got to page 4 and it was a "membership agreement".  And I gathered after reading it that it would cost another $425.00 (again not covered by insurance and payable BEFORE your first appointment with the surgeon) before they would consider you.  I guess they wanted you to join their support group up front.  Now, I don't know about you, but I can't just pick up my checkbook and write a $425.00 check without it bouncing all the way to California and back!! I immediately called my daughter and told her what I'd found.  She got so down, she said I might as well forget about it.  I told her to hang on I wasn't done researching just yet.  I got online and wrote my friend in Michigan who had Lap band done on August 23rd and told her what had happened.  She must have been online at the same time cause she wrote me right back and said she didn't have to pay anything out-of-pocket, except for a 1 week supply of protein drinks that she got at Wallgreens.  Then I really started feeling sorry for all those other people who were in the seminar with us.  I was thinking about how for many of them this is probably their last hope and I was wondering how many people had that kind of money just laying around.

Well, anyway, I emailed Cleveland Clinic with all of our information (insurances, BMI's, weights), and then sat back and waited.  The people from CCBS were supposed to call everyone back within a week of the seminar.  The following Wednesday, I got the call from CCBS saying that my insurance would cover the surgery (YEAH but something I already knew). I let her go through her whole spiel about how great they are and all.  Then she asked my finally if I had any questions and I said, "Yes, about the $425.00 membership fee.  I asked what it was used for and she said they have to make money for the hospital!!  LOL She was right, I am blonde but I'm not dumb!!  I asked her what they did with all the money the insurance companies pay them.  All of a sudden she said, "Oh your insurance doesn't cover it all.  I'm sorry for the incovenience."  She couldn't wait to hang up with me!!  Well, while I was on the phone with her Cleveland Clinic was trying to call me.  So asap I called them back.  I talked to Kim in Dr. Schauer's office and now I've got my first appointment with him on October 15th!!  I wanted to be sure that they were not associated with CCBS and they're not.  Kim said that I won't have to drink any of their protein drinks she said Slimfast will do.  And best of all, they don't try to force you to pay any kind of membership dues.  I think I'm going to like Dr. Schauer because in the information they sent me, they said he's a high-risk surgeon and that's something I will be because of my lupus.

Well, I think I've written a book!!  Wish me luck and hope to see you soon on the loser's bench!! 

August 29th - starting my journey

Aug 29, 2007

Hello everyone!!

I've finally decided that I've got to do something about my weight.  I used to smoke and in March 07, was told by my vein doctor that if I didn't quit, I'd loose my left leg. He also put me on an 1800 calorie diet.  So, I called my family doc (Dr. House-LOL-that's right), he called me a prescription in for Chantix, the new pill that helps people quit.  It worked, but not on the weight gain.  Already obese, I've put on 30 extra pounds since March.  The diet is NOT working, no support from that vein doctor.  I've since learned that I can't take in more than 1700 calories without gaining.  Where in the samhill did that doc pull 1800 calories from??

Anyway, my first seminar is September 15th in Sandusky, Ohio, home of Cedar Point.  Dr. Ben Aviv-Meir will be conducting it.  Also, I've got lupus, has anyone ever had a successful Lapband with that?  Dr. House has given me the green light and says that only people with esophagial problems related to lupus are ever turned down.  My esophagus is fine.  Hope I'm not wasting my time!!

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