Gall Bladder Surgery & Weightloss Jumpstart

Aug 15, 2007

I guess this is good news.  I had my gall bladder out 3 weeks ago Tuesday.   I had never had an attack or anything, so it was a surprise operation.  The surgeon said it was full of stones, the size of a baseball, infected and "really nasty".  I saw him yesterday for my post op check and the only limit  I have is no heavy lifting for 10 more days-darn, I was going to do the cement block throwing contest-lol!  But the really great news is that I have lost 24.5 pounds since the surgery.  I had been craving chocolate almost to the manic state if there was none in the house and had no energy at all, not to mention I was also craving carbs and eating both the carbs and chocolate AND gaining weight.  I am no longer craving the carbs and chocolate and now I am LOSING  weight.  I am still not back to the lowest I was, but it is only 14 pounds away and at the rate I am losing 1-2 pounds every day or so, I should be back to that weight in a few weeks.  I have my 2 year post op check in October and would absolutely LOVE to be in Onderland by then or at least be half the weight I was at the initial appointment, but that would mean losing 30-37 pounds in the next 7 weeks.  Is that an impossible feat?  Maybe, but I am going to try.  Onderland is a really big goal for me.  I have been there since sometime in the 6th grade, over 34 years ago.  I remember it well, they weighed us for the President's Physical Fitness b.s and not only was I the tallest student at 5'7", I was the heaviest at 176 pounds.  One teacher weighed us and then hollered-this is Georgia, they holler-the information to another teacher who posted it on the blackboard for all to see.  Humiliation was an understatement.  No way could they get away with doing this now.  But anyway the gall bladder surgery has been a blessing in disguise.  While it hasn't been fun, it has me losing again,something I thought was over since I have now gone passed the 18 month honeymoon period.  I am glad I am not craving the carbs and chocolate anymore and I don't really miss them, they were only taking me to a bad place.  I hope my energy levels pick up in a couple more weeks.  I am feeling better, so hopefully that will happen.  So many people have said the standard, "you have lost so much weight, you must be feeling wonderful", but I never did-I felt like crap all the time and I wonder how much of that was the nasty gall bladder.  Well I am going to hush, didn't mean to write a novel.

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Gall Bladder Surgery & Weightloss Jumpstart