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Apr 10, 2011

Originally became interested in having weight loss surgery in 2007. Why not, I have been obese since i was 12 years old. In high school, I was a big guy, but was athletic and moved around really well for a guy my size enough that I was able to play football and basketball while in high school. Later in life, became frustrated with the way I looked and how unhealthy I felt. I tryed to work out and try to lose the weight, while trying to change my diet (without the help of a doctor), but usually after losing 20 pounds, I would just gain it back and add 5 pounds. After meeting my current girlfriend (Elizabeth), I became more interested in getting weight loss surgery and she did lots of research on that matter with the thought that both of us wanted the surgery to improve our health and so that we could live the lives that we wanted to live. We attended a open house at Dr. Aframs office and after a very informative presentation both applied for the surgery. My insurance of course denied my application for surgery and even mentioned that they viewed the surgery as a cosmetic procedure (which I find very offensive).

December, 4th, 2010
After I starting working 2 days a week at Shoppers Food Warehouse in 2009, I now had the insurance plan that could very likely pay for my weight loss surgery (I had a friend that had worked for another company that had the same union as I did and she had the surgery years ago). Liz and I attended another open house at Dr Aframs office and I again applied for weight loss surgery. And like the best christmas present I had ever recieved, On Dec. 27th, Liz called me to inform me that Dr Aframs office had called her to let me know that my insurance had approved my request for surgery. I immediately had to sit down and (in tears) thought of how I wished that my uncle (who had passed away the year before, and had always warned me that my obesity was going to kill me) was here to see this day or even here to see that I had lost the weight.

Febuary, 22nd, 2011 (Surgery Day)
The day I had been waiting for since i was an overweight teen wishing I was smaller like all the other kids. Till this day, I had seen so many doctors during my pre ops, I was so ready for this day to come. During my visits to the group meetings, I always had so many questions about what life will be like post op and had some concern over the elevated risk factor that I faced as I went through the surgery. But now that it was time to have the surgery , I had complete faith that my surgeon would get me through this surgery alive and if there were any complications, I was in the best hands.

Post Op Experiences,
Of all the suggestions that I have recieved, what has helped me the most is building my support system that I refer to whenever I have issues come up. Every office has a team of patients that are more than willing to share their story at the drop of a hat, but what worked for me is to hear from the people who have been in my shoes and know what its like to be 470 pounds, out of breathe after very little exertion, and to know how it feels when people keep looking at you and kids make fun of you because your the fattest person they ever see. I met a guy in my surgeon's support group who less than 2 years ago weight almost 480 pounds. Now this guy weighs about 200 pounds and has completely turned his life around for the better. I'm a business major in college and the rule of thumb in any business related class is to create your own success and if you have to, find out who the successful people are and do what they do. I want to do what Chuck has done. I need to stay humble (i'm so fortunate to have been able to have the surgery) and I need to maximize this opportunity to get healthy.

Weight Loss (So far)
The day of surgery I weighted 540 pounds with a BMI of 70.
My first weight in after surgery was 511 pounds .......29 pound loss
My second weigh in ...............486 pounds..............25 pound loss
My third weigh in.....................471 pounds...............15 pound loss


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