Shawnee Mission Medical Center

"Didn't have essential needed equipment Tet hose for large patients. Nurses lack of knowledge. First shot of heparin in arm, not in abb. as should been done. Pain meds not obtained as needed- nurse didn't check to calibrate machine when pt. transfered to the room. Only walked 1x in am 1 day post op. Pt. died of P.e. around 5pm. Nurse didn't evaluate Pt. as he was dying,didn't check for pulse or even to see if he was breathing- was just trying to get him into his bed. He was probably dead for at least 5 minutes before cpr was started. No pt. evaluation, just thought he'ld be ok if they got him in his bed."

C. Thomas Hitchcock

"I met Dr. Hitchcock a year ago at my first appointment. At last, somebody who is up front, to the point and tells you the truth! I liked him instantly for that reason. He has a lot of surgical experience. I was a paramedic for a number of years so I speak \"doctoreze\". It is nice to be able to talk to him on that level. I've spent 3 years studying the different types of surgery and I have chosen RNY because I believe it is the best alternative for me. The Bariatric Center of Kansas City has a very structured pre and post surgical program along with a lot of counselling up front. They are a little hard to get a hold of sometimes but like most good things in life, persistence pays off. I get the feeling that they are looking for persistent patients too - people that are going to stick with the post surgical program. The first two places I went to before The Bariatric Center of Kansas City reminded me of patient \"mills\". So, my advice is to choose your surgeon wisely. It is like getting married. Don't go in to it blindly or you'll be disappointed. "
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