Regarding low impact exercise

Sep 06, 2010

 Since my knee surgery I have been working on strengthening my knee, building my knee's stamina and balance. I have gotten my knee to bend 120 degrees as of last Thursday and have 10 more degrees to gain before I reach my goal.  My workouts run an hour or better in the morning doing my required PT exercises.  Then in my afternoon's I now do an hour of low impact Tai Chi. This keeps me in balance and my energy's focused. Lastly, I am now back to walking an hour  2 x d and that feels good. I am not hard on myself if I miss a day. However when I have a good day doing it all I feel fabulous. The difficulty for me is at night. I am finding it difficult to relax and sleep, no matter how exhausted I am, as my knee tends to complain to me mostly at night. I am tired of pain medications and have really tried to not take them. I feel terrible when I let myself down and surrender to my legs shenanigans. I realize I expect a lot of myself and I am always hardest on myself. I guess, it is time to get up and work on my canvas paintings, as I forget all around me when I paint. 


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