I am currently employed for a local security company, doing field operations.Throughout the years, I had some personal setbacks,that had contributed to my growing weight. I work long hours and never gave any time to myself, My life was fast, and my food had to be faster if not at warp speed. All this came to a crashing halt,doing my job. I was doing a late night book release for a local bookstore.I was sweating my brains out and there was not enough water in the world to quench ny thirst. As you can see I am a man of color,and when someone can say that you look pale, you can know that something was wrong. I went to the hospital and was found with a blood sugar over 600, and my vision was beginning to fail. My doctor said "Welcome back to the living!" I diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I told the doctor that at the time that I was sick, that I almost went home to sleep it off, thinking it may be the flu. He told me that if that would had happened, I would have died in my home within days. My PCP told me that I would ne a good candidate for gastric bypass surgery. I began my  journey on January 3, 2007. I have seen so many profiles of many that have my same story. I derive courage and strength from these testimonials.

Thank all of you in supporting me on this journey.

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