Hi i am a 32 mother of 8  yes 8  but let me explain i had 3 lovely boys 16,10,7 then
i guess my gift was to adopt 3 more  11, 10 ,7 and when i feel in love  i once again embraced 2 more angles 13, 2  with all that i have one very out spoken and one day he decided to tell me how much he loved me and went on to say you always smell like cookies and cake and your the best mom but mom your FAT i just about fell to my knees but he was being honest and i raised him that way so i knew its time i 've been trying to loose weight for 10 yrs, and its been a roller coaster, but now its affecting my health and the joy of life i want to spend with my family and play without getting tired . i did explain this to all the  kids and they are happy  , we take family walks
 they encourage me to go the extra mile, and that same 7 yr old told me once again
"mama we are going to loose all this cushion on you , but i will miss it so lets go buy a pillow soft as you to remember why we needed to workout and get you divasize" i had to ask  lil boy what makes you say some of the things you say he said you and the kids in my class they told me your mama real cute but she fat and i do nont want anyone else saying you fat!

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i am on my way and giving god his praises
just at a stall but god will see me through!
I am on my way!!!
God has seen me through this journey
less than 20 hours till show time!!!
praises to god he is always on time!!!!
i made it a week yeahhhhhh1