gods is always good

May 03, 2009

oh it feels so good to in a size10s &  12s and out of that  24-26  now its time to tone up and get rid of this muffin top the smaller i get the more it shows so my next goal it to  get to get a smaller stomach and put my tool to work once again. DOnt get me wrong i love the  new me and all the things i can do with the hubby and kids no more meds and no more shots of insulin is a great thing. THANKS to My GOD 24-7 , you know it seems like you go through all types of things but i would still do it all again. i think my hubby can do without the new clothe and oh the hills i live being able to get ind the hill without wanting them off by the end of the night lol,

that da** gallblader

Feb 05, 2009

Well i had been feeling really bad and on and off of my weekly stalls.As i was in class for my job on01/20/09 just 10 minutes shy of the class being over , i got extremely hot ,dizzy,weak, and at the same time scared as he*l i got up to go put cold water on my face and had a real close meeting with the floor i fainted boy was i really scared but as got little better i was in pain and my teacher took me to the ER where the ER Dr. stated you need surgery3 days later i got my gallbladder removed and sent home the day of surgery and i thought my c-sections were drive thru  this takes the cake well I've been off for two weeks and now back to work . I'm feeling so much better and in the process lost more weight, yeah still giving my GOD his praise for every thing in life that cross my path because god is GOOD all The TIME no doubt so take care and praised up .and get your rest til next time

watch the tool at work

Oct 22, 2008

Starting weight at consult - 291.4 lbs.June 15 2008
Day of pre-op visit 271lbs -20.4 July 31,2008
Day of surgery weight - 259(-12 lbs.)
  August 8,2008
1 month postop -236.4 (-22.8)09/06/08
2 months postop - 221.3(15.1) 10/06/08
3 months postop - 214.8(-5.7) 11/07/08
4 months postop - 201.8 (-11) 12/13/08
5 months postop -194.6(-5.2) 01/12/09
6 months postop - 188.2 (-6.4)02/05/09
7 months postop -184.2 (-4) 03/05/09
8 months postop - 184.2 (-0) 04/05/09
9 months postop -168.2 (-12)05/03/09
10 months postop - 168.0 (.02) 06/03/09
-months postop -165.0(-3) 07/02/09
One year postop

i am on my way and giving god his praises

Oct 06, 2008

god thank you thank you  i am down to 221.3 AND DROPPING i have been walking and getting in protein , all my clothe are getting super loose and i do not want to buy clothes just yet , my B DAY is coming up on the 28 and this year i don't want a party, just please to be here and living healthy. but i hope all is well and blessed and i will keep you in my prayers.

just at a stall but god will see me through!

Sep 22, 2008

i am at a STALL and do not like it at all! well it seems i am stuck at 233 help help i started to walk more  i know i am wayyy behind on exercise, so i pray i get better i know GOD will give me the strength to get up to speed , but i am in a size 18 and can get in many 16  my goal is 11/12s, but praise to my higher power i have made it this far , well back to  being mama ,student, all round woman and to say you all are in my prayer and keep your heads up and even if it is a pound lets just be thankful i will from here on out until next time stay blessed. and do not give up we are in this together.

I am on my way!!!

Sep 04, 2008

well i am on my way to a new me i down to 237.4 pound and loving it my hubby adores it  too. i pray by the end of the year i make it to 200 or below but i praise god for the weight lost and my everyday blessing , as i also pray for gods strength i lost my newphew over the holidays , keep me in your prayer as my family. i know angel are watching and god unchanging hands are going to see us through and bless all .

God has seen me through this journey

Aug 07, 2008

Giving praises to all god is good all the time , well i made it through surgery 08/04/08 i went in #3 @12:50 i was waking up in my room @5:30 or soalll went well i had very bad back pain and my potasium was very low but we handle that. The staff at seton was sooooo awesom and freindly so outgoing went above and beyond i like to say im hpme and well  sending god praise all day not to much gas pains but feel like i may be moving to fast 3 days in a hospital you feel like you behind on something but all in all thanks for being here sending hugs and  smiles and will have you all in prayers .

less than 20 hours till show time!!!

Aug 03, 2008

Well all praise to god i did drink all that golytely and now its clear liquids tik midnight. As the day pass im getting the kids ready for sitters , packing  my bag , making sure all clothe are clean,house in order and bills in order. I feel I am doing the right thing God will see me through this journey for he is a good god.  so send a prayer for me or email [email protected] and thank you in advance

praises to god he is always on time!!!!

Aug 01, 2008

God is always good and im blessed  very thank you Jesus, well its count down 3 days to go and the nerves in my tummy are awake i tell you . As the day grows nearer im fill will all kinds of emotions, I do not even have my bag readyso i'll get to that today i'm so please all is well and pray god guide me every step of the way and i praise him in advance for all the blessing, the new oh family, learning new things in life and learning patients so keep me in your prayer , you are in mine and may god continue to bless us all on our new jjourney to better our lifes.

i made it a week yeahhhhhh1

Jul 28, 2008

Father, Godbless all my friends in whatever it is that you know they may need this day! And may their life be full of your peace, prosperity and power as they seek to have a closer relationship with you . Amen
I have to give him his praises so i made my first week and on wk2 still got a little headache but i will manage hoping all is well and sending thanks to all for support and very nice comments. wishing all a very very blessed week as i wait this out.

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i am on my way and giving god his praises
just at a stall but god will see me through!
I am on my way!!!
God has seen me through this journey
less than 20 hours till show time!!!
praises to god he is always on time!!!!
i made it a week yeahhhhhh1