I was one of those folks that thought that I would never be fat.  I didn't think I could eat enough food to get fat.  To me 130 lbs was a nightmare as I hovered around 107, wishing I was back down to 92 lbs.  I'm an old soldier and when I got out of the Army I still exercised and ran, but when I felt like it, not every day.  By age 40 I was up to 150 lbs, by 45 I was hitting 200 and it was all downhill from there.  I could fast for 40 days and then gain it all back.  I would go to the gym and prove I could still do it all.  But it progressed to the point I thought I was dying at 240 lbs and I was.  I needed help, intervention into this madness.  I wanted my life back as I knew it.  I turned to God and it is only through Him I was delivered from morbid obesity.  Few agreed with the RNY surgery.  Few supported me... mattered not.  I have the Lord on my side and that is the only man I need.  My beau of 7 years left... oh yes, and now, wants BACK in a very big way.. hmmmm I don't think so.  I don't know what life, the Lord has planned for my future.  I do know things will never be the same.  I love the people that supported me.  I understand those that did not.  I won't be around insecure people who find my weight loss a threat.  No one is going to steal my joy.  I was in a bad situation in a very bad way.  I found a solution, I went for it and went to battle. I conquered it, I beat it at it's own nasty game... morbid obesity is not my name, not anymore, not ever again.


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